Welcome to the May / June Edition of MOSS News, Views and Events providing a snap shot of corporate responsibility and corporate sustainability news from across Australia and around the world.

MOSS :: Industry news

Results of the 4th Annual Corporate Responsibility Index Out Now. Companies representing 1.25 million employees, with a total turnover of AU$520 billion have voluntarily demonstrated their commitment to corporate responsibility by participating in the fourth Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI). Click Here for the 2006 Corporate Responsibility Index. New flexible entry options for companies wishing to participate in the Index were introduced in 2006. Read more.

Register your interest - 2007 Corporate Responsibility Index
Australian and New Zealand companies are invited to participate in the 2007 Corporate Responsibility Index, which will be launched in September 2007. Register your interest in participating. View the Index timeline.

World's Most Ethical Companies Announced. Ethisphere Magazine, a national print publication dedicated to illuminating the important correlation between ethics and profit, has released its first listing of the World's Most Ethical Companies. Click here for the full report.

Baker and McKenzie Releases Corporate Responsibility Guide.The Corporate Responsibility Guide for Australian Directors and senior managers has been developed for senior management responsible for implementing board decisions. Led by Andrew Beatty, this guide has been prepared by the Environment and Environmental Markets team in Sydney. It not only defines CR, it also places it permanently on the corporate landscape as a valuable competitive tool. Click here to download your free copy.

New National Award for Corporate Volunteering. Volunteering Australia is pleased to introduce the Award for Excellence in Corporate Volunteering, a new award to recognise excellence in employee volunteering programs.

The Award is open to any employers who encourage and support their employees to volunteer in the community, and will be judged by Volunteering Australia, the peak body of the volunteering sector. The winning employer will receive $5000 to donate to the community organisation of their choice. Nominations can be submitted online from until Friday 8 June 2007 at www.volunteeringaustralia.org For more information about volunteering, Click here.

Dalai Lama Talks to Australian Business. The Dalai Lama will be in Australia for ten days in June with visits to Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney. The Dalai Lama will be available to the public at free events in each city. Business leaders are invited to a special lunch with the Dalai Lama, hosted by Ray Martin on Thursday June 14, at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. This is a very rare opportunity to hear the Dalai Lama speak on the broad issues affecting corporate life, the role of ethics in business and the social and environmental responsibilities of business leaders and to question the Dalai Lama on their unique concerns. For further information, contact Natalie Lam on 0405 391 590 or visit www.dalailama.org.au

UK Business Act on Climate Change. At the end of the May Day Summit, a unique gathering of business leaders in the UK, more than 1,000 companies pledged to take action on climate change. Each made an average of five firm commitments to take action to reduce their carbon emissions, with the development of a firm carbon reduction plan one of the top pledges.

Future of CR Communications Report released this week. As the concept of corporate responsibility changes, companies also need to change how they communicate. Prepared by the UK's BITC and Radley Yelder, the report gives information and analysis about three major changes affecting corporate responsibility communications, comments on three underlying trends -materiality; stakeholder engagement; and integration of financial and non-financial reporting and offers nine predictions for how these trends may influence corporate responsibility communications at a practical level. Although UK centric, it's still very relevant to the Australian market. Click Here for the full report.

Gore and Blood discuss with McKinsey's the views of reconciling sustainability and socially responsible investing with the creation of long-term shareholder value. Three years ago, former US Vice President Al Gore and David Blood, previously the head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, set out to put sustainability investing firmly in the mainstream of equity analysis. Their firm, Generation Investment Management (Generation), engages in primary research that integrates sustainability with fundamental equity analysis. Based in London and Washington, DC, Generation has 23 employees, 12 of which are investment professionals. A single portfolio at Generation, at any given time, is invested in 30 to 50 publicly listed global companies. Click here for the insightful interview.

MOSS :: Movers and shakers

There's movement at the station. Here's a few recent industry appointments.

Russell Workman formerly Manager of the Salvation Army Oasis Youth Centre Social Enterprise Initiatives has recently joined HBOS Australia as Manager Corporate Responsibility & HBOSA Foundation.

Helen Maisano formerly Community Partnerships Manager at Tabcorp has recently been appointed as the Community Programs Manager for Optus.

Megan Christensen former National Sustainability Leader - Community Infrastructure & Services Lend Lease Communities will take up a new position with Lend Lease in Denver, Colorado as Director of Sustainability and Community Development.

Bede-Julian Hampton joined Sustainnovation in Brisbane this month as a Project Officer.

Sydney PR veteran, Amanda Little, recently joined Edelman as the Acting Managing Director. At the heart of Amanda's new role is a focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility. Late last year, Amanda founded her own environmental not-for-profit, the One at a Time Foundation, which focuses on climate change education and awareness. One at a Time will mount a national community awareness campaign, Zero Footprint Week in October. Look out for your invitation to be involved!

We wish you all well in your new roles.

And whilst on the topic of Careers in CSR, Click here to take a look at what Rosemary Sainty from CAREERETHICS says about How to Choose an Ethical Employer. And next month, we'll look at the flip side - Ethics and your Employability.

MOSS:: Reports out this month

BP has been publicly reporting their non-financial performance on corporate responsibility, responsible operations, environmental performance and its role in society since 1991. Their latest report has just been released and is now online at www.bp.com/sustainability.

Aviva has recently published its latest CSR report. The report is available online via www.reportalert.info/ra/Aviva270407.htm.

Royal Dutch Shell released its tenth report on its environmental and social performance this month. The Shell Sustainability Report 2006 - Meeting the Energy Challenge Sustainably (available via http://www.reportalert.info/ra/Shell080507.htm) describes the company's efforts to help meet the global energy challenge: providing more energy to raise living standards; keeping energy supplies secure; and doing both in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Motorola Publishes 2006 Corporate Responsibility Report. The 2006 report Forward Moves released this month highlights how Motorola drives social change through its products, community and supply chain programs while minimising societal impact with product stewardship and climate change actions. It also highlights actions the company has taken on social, accountability and sustainability issues around the world. Download the report at www.motorola.com/responsibility or email responsibility@motorola.com it for a hard copy.

Swedish telecommunications company LM Ericsson has published its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2006. The printed version of the report is complemented by a more extensive online version at www.ethicalperformance.net/Ericsson_CRReport06.html where all key performance indicators, as well as GRI G3 (Global Reporting Initiative) related information, can be found.

International Council on Mining and Minerals released their 2006 Annual Review 2006: Setting the standards to meet the challenge of sustainable development which can be found at www.icmm.com/library_pub_detail.php?rcd=201. Significant progress has been made in overcoming long term challenges such as ensuring continued supply through secure access to mineral deposits, demonstrating the social benefits of mining to host governments and communities, and ensuring that materials are consumed safely and sustainably.
If your company is soon to release your annual CSR or Sustainability Report, be sure to include us on your mailing list! Email info@moss.org.au

MOSS :: Events

Cavill + Co Breakfast Seminars July/August: Entitled 'Corporate-Cause Partnerships - the opportunity and the up-skilling required', these seminars are coming to a town near you - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. CEO-only seminars will run in July and Fundraising/development/corporate partnership managers in August. This is an opportunity to hear and see a couple of world-firsts, including our HeartSmart® Toolkit for NPO's. Click here for more info. Or email mthomas@cavill.com.au

2007 CSR Summit - Stay tuned, dates and speakers will be released shortly.

MOSS :: Contribute

Resource Centre
As we build a knowledge base for CSR in Australia, MOSS is calling on business, government, academia, students and community organisations who have case studies, white papers, PhD Theses, presentations, articles, research documents or reports from Australia or other countries on any aspect of corporate responsibility or corporate sustainability to forward them to us for use in the MOSS Resource Centre. All works are fully cited and can be forwarded to info@moss.org.au.

MOSS event teams are currently planning events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. If you would like to be involved in your local event committee and organise networking and educational events, please email us at info@moss.org.au. Remember MOSS is a network run for the industry by the industry - so play your part in growing our industry - get involved!

Video documentary project on Sudanese Youth
Students from the University of Western Sydney are making a video documentary that aims to educate and raise awareness of the issues that Sudanese youth face as they leave high school to pursue higher education, tertiary studies, technical studies or employment.

The majority of the Sudanese youth in Sydney have lived in refugee camps in a war-torn country. The uncertainties of their experiences and the ad-hoc nature of their education, if they've had any at all, leads to unique issues that are not faced by other Australian youth or other migrants arriving In Australia. As these youth obtain schooling in Australia and graduate, they may not be fully aware of the choices available to them and the issues that they will face

The video will explore these issues with a few Sudanese young people through this challenging time. The documentary will be dynamic and rich with information but light-hearted in tone. The documentary is being made by The Learning through Community Services Video Cohort. They have been working through the university semester and have already gathered much support, interviews and participants. The documentary is aimed for release in November 2007.

The film-makers are also interested in interviewing employers and business owners, human resource or personnel managers, who may offer advice or information.

If you would like to participate or contribute to the documentary in any way or know of resources that could be helpful for Sudanese youth, please contact Robert McIntosh mobile: 0401639365 or email: rmacc42@hotmail.com OR Kylie Meehan, mobile: 0413365813 email: smiley_k2@hotmail.com.

Finally, if you have any suggestions, comments or industry news you would like to see in the MOSS Newsletter, email us at info@moss.org.au.
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