Moss Communications Newsletter March April 2008

Welcome to the March edition of MOSS News, View and Events.

As organisations such as The World Economic Forum, UN, IPCC, universities, governments and industry
continue to focus on climate change and how we can individually and collectively address it, so too does

And this month, we are delighted to be offering events as well as possible funding for initiatives
and technologies that will help us reduce our collective footprint. But we're not all just about climate
change- we're also looking at human rights issues, how companies are imbedding social issues into
business strategy, new books and reports out, what CSR Managers are being paid in the UK, philanthropy
and where to refer if you are looking for a job in CSR and or Sustainability.
So happy reading!

MOSS :: News

MOSS now offers analysis and funding of social and environmental initiatives.
Thanks to a new Founding Member, The Discovery Beach Group, MOSS is about to expand its service offering to include the analysis and funding of initiatives that have significant social and/or environmental benefits.

MOSS delivers Climate Change Workshops and shows companies How to develop a CSR Roadmap
Over the next few weeks, MOSS will run a one-day workshop in Perth and Sydney on Global Warming and its Implications for Business with European Sustainability specialist Jonathan Wootliff as well as two-day workshops in Sydney and Perth on How to develop a CSR Roadmap. Numbers are strictly limited, so register early!

MOSS :: Industry news

5 of the 100 Most Sustainable Companies in the world are Australian

IAG, ANZ, Babcock & Brown, Rio Tinto & Westpac all rate in the Global 100 - a list of publicly-traded, MSCI World-listed companies that, based on research and analysis by Innovest, have the best developed abilities, relative to their industry peers, to manage the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities they face.
Refer here for more.

Gore backs Multimillion Global Warming advertising campaign
Former Vice President Al Gore and a nonprofit climate group have begun what they say will be a three-year $300 million advertising blitz to recruit 10 million advocates to seek laws and policies that can cut greenhouse gases.

The campaign was introduced in a "60 Minutes" appearance by Mr. Gore on Sunday. The first ad, posted online at www.wecansolveit.org, compares the challenge of fighting global warming to the invasion of Normandy and the civil rights movement. That advertisement will start appearing on television Wednesday, according to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a group created by Mr. Gore in 2006. It will be followed by ads tailored to particular audiences and media, including the Internet.

Intel named Best Corporate Citizen
Corporate Responsibility Officer magazine's list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2008 has just been released and Intel has come out on top. The list looks at corporate responsibility by focusing on the way large-capitalisation companies respond to environmental, social and governance issues. Refer here for more.

World Economic Forum discusses the 'How' of Corporate Responsibility

Last year's World Economic Forum debate on climate change often hinged on issues of 'Why'. Not this year. Participants in this session were more concerned with the urgent but complicated question of how to deal with carbon emissions.
More specifically, how can the world achieve equity in policies between the rich post-industrial North and the developing pre-industrial South?
How can the business community invest in the new technologies that will mitigate the climate threat? How can carbon sinks be protected as a natural climate buffer that will benefit people?
How can the United States and China come together on these issues? For a full report on Davos, refer here:

And don't forget if your organisation is interested in learning how it can address climate change, don't miss our upcoming workshops with Jonathan Wootliff in Sydney and Perth.

CEOs on strategy and social issues
McKinsey research shows that chief executives have increasingly incorporated environmental, social and governance issues into core strategies. They are responding primarily to employee and consumer expectations while some see the opportunity for competitive advantage and to address global problems. Refer here for more.

Who's won the Corporate Responsibility Reporting Awards?

The winners of the CR Reporting Awards have been announced at the Ethical Corporation CR Reporting Summit in Berlin, Germany. The results are available here.

New website by leaders in CSR to facilitate strategic thinking and innovation

BT and Cisco have established a new website to stimulate thinking and innovation in CSR. Refer here for more information.

'Learn from the Leaders' launched
Learn from the Leaders is a joint venture between SustainAbility and Flag that comprises a fully searchable online database which provides sustainability practitioners, analysts, and consultants with best-practice examples from world-leading reports, and now contains over 400 entries. Each report excerpt is accompanied by detailed, independent analysis from SustainAbility. To register for a free trial refer here.

Placing the spotlight on child labour
Forbes has written an incisive must read piece about the reality of child labour and where many of our products come from. The article also gives direction on how to avoid purchasing items that have been produced through child labour. Refer here for more.

Green products sales boom

Royal Philips Electronics says it achieved a 33 per cent increase in sales of 'green products' such as energy efficient light bulbs and energy saving devices in 2007. Click here for more. Click here for the Philips Sustainability Report 2007.

The Centre for Social Impact launched
The University of NSW has officially launched The Centre of Social Impact with the aim of the Centre being to become Australia's leading academic centre in support of Not for Profit organizations. Refer here for more.

Renewable energy industry is booming
The 2007 Global Status report demonstrates that the renewable energy sector is increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream energy industry. Refer here for more.

The Centre for Public Agency Sustainability Reporting undergoes significant change

The Centre is set to merge with ICLEI to form ICLEI Oceania's Integrated Sustainability Services. This new unit will offer a broader range of services comprising three streams: a review and positioning program, a capacity building program and tailored services. Refer here for more.

Mensheds Australia receives National Broadband Award for Health
Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) have awarded Mensheds Australia a National Broadband Award: Highly Commended for Health, at the recent 24th ATUG Excellence Awards at the 2008 ATUG Gala Dinner. Refer here for more.

MOSS :: Views

How to imbed CSR and why there's growing global interest in how business behaves and impacts on society.
MOSS Ambassador Prof David Grayson discusses how the Doherty Centre for Corporate Responsibility at the Cranfield University School of Management is helping business imbed CSR. He also talks about his book Corporate Social Opportunity (with Adrian Hodges) and developments since the book was first published. Download the interview here.

If you wish to order a copy of Corporate Social Opportunity or Everybody's Business - an easy to read 7-step process on how to imbed CSR - refer here for an order form.

Business-led CR coalitions are part of the reason for the increased global interest in how businesses behave and impact on society, David Grayson argues in a new joint publication with the CSR Initiative of the Kennedy School of Government.
Should investors steer clear of companies with large carbon footprints?

The impact of a company's carbon footprint on its share price is a complicated relationship. Despite uncertainties, it should be part of the informed decision of whether to invest in particular shares. Refer here for more. Click here to view website

Are water rights set to follow carbon rights along the path towards commoditisation?
Danny Fortson discusses the growing importance of water all over the world and the potential for a price to be placed on water. Refer here for more. Click here for more

Bill Gates bridges divide between corporate philanthropy and corporate responsibility
In a speech to the World Economic Forum in January 2008 this year, Bill Gates, the impatient optimist, wants to alter the inequalities in the world and thinks that corporations have a large role to play in this. Refer here for the text of the speech. Click here for more

Health and Wellbeing
Jennifer Jefferies looks at the impact of refined and processed grains have on a person's body. Click here for a short You Tube video of the presentation. Click here for more

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein
How to Change the World tells the stories of social entrepreneurs who are driven, creative, refuse to accept the status quo, exploit new ideas and remake the world for the better. It shows that with determination and innovation, even a single person can make a surprising difference. This book is an inspiring read and an invaluable handbook. Look out for it in bookstores near you.

How Good are You by Julian Lee
How Good are You takes the ethical temperature of Australia by looking at the main stakeholders in the drive for better living. More information is available here, or in most bookstores. Click here for more

For other books on leadership and CSR - Cranfield University School of Management have a great website with interviews and podcasts on the latest releases. Refer Click here for more

MOSS :: Employment in CSR

Thinking of making of change? Then take a look at the latest job guide and contact list:

Careers in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability job guide
This newly published careers resource is designed to help those who want to play a role in the corporate responsibility and sustainability areas. If you are looking for a change or simply interested to see what is out there, this resource is well worth looking at. Click here for more information.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability contact list
Have you ever been interested to find out about Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability jobs and study but not known where to look? This document will provide you with a helpful resource for organizations to start your research.

Recent Appointments
There are dozens of new CSR and Sustainability positions being filled each month. Here's just a few new appointments.

Sue Brown formerly with Melb Cares has just moved across to Maurice Blackburn lawyers as their National CSR and Public Interest Law Co-Ordinator.
Peta Magik who departed Melbourne Cares in 2006 to have a baby has return to the CSR workforce joining the Australian Business Community Network.
Good luck in your new positions!

Any more?
And if you have a job on offer or want to share announcements of positions recently filled in your organisation, email us at info@moss.org.au and give us the details.

MOSS :: Recent Reports

CSR Salary Survey 2007
Acona, Acre Resources, and Ethical Performance have teamed up to produce a survey that looks at the salary levels of senior CSR practitioners in the UK, as well as their job titles, educational qualifications, day-to-day activities and the kind of budgets they work with. To view this report click here.

A Skilled Approach To Philanthropy
Lisa Hamilton President of the USP Foundation discusses the importance of a corporate moral compass in today's global business environment. Refer here for more.

Addressing consumer concerns about climate change
In a global survey, consumers say that a corporation's performance in addressing the problems of the environment and climate change affects not only how much they trust the company but also whether they would buy its products. Refer here for more.

State of Green Business 2008
GreenBiz take stock of green business activities in the United States. One of the highlights is the debut of the GreenBiz indicator which looks at 20 indicators of green business. Download the report here.

The Garnaut Climate Change Review Interim Report - Submissions to the Review close April 11
Commissioned by Australia's State and Territory Governments on 30 April 2007, the Review examines the impacts of climate change on the Australian economy, and recommends medium to long-term policies and policy frameworks to improve the prospects for sustainable prosperity. The Review's final report is due on 30 September 2008, with a draft by 30 June 2008. The 63-page Interim Report can be found here

You can have an input into the review by making a submission to the Review by Friday 11 April 2008. Further information is available at http://www.garnautreview.org.au/CA25734E0016A131/pages/submissions

2008 OECD Environmental Outlook
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has offered a warning that global warming and other environmental hazards must be acted upon. On the positive side, the report states that the solutions are both available and affordable given projected growth estimates for world GDP. Refer here for more information and a copy of the report.

How to find green IT equipment
Preston Gralla looks at the possibilities for purchasing computer equipment that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Refer here for more.

The Business of Business is...?

A new paper from the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility looks at Milton Friedman's classic free market criticism of corporate responsibility and looks to answer the issues he raised. Refer here for more.

Ensuring value in corporate-community volunteering
A recent report has found that corporate-community volunteering relationships need to be more effectively managed in order to ensure maximum value for those involved. There are various problems that can occur which could be minimised to achieve greater value. Refer here for more.

ICMM 2007 annual review published
The International Council on Mining and Metals has just published the 2007 annual review of its work over the last year. To access this review click here.

Adidas changes corporate responsibility reporting format
For several years, the Adidas Group has been seen as a leader in corporate responsibility reporting in its industry. The company's ambition is always to engage its audiences and therefore the company has changed how it reports this year. There are two corporate responsibility publications: a magazine-style review, which sets the performance of the Group in a broader context, and a detailed online report. To view the report click here.

ANZ Corporate Responsibility results for 2007
ANZ's 2007 Corporate Responsibility (CR) results have been released in its third CR Report - What's the difference? The report includes case studies on material issues ANZ is managing, together with details of initiatives and achievements which led to ANZ being named Global Sector Leader for banking in the 2007 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Refer here for report.

BASF releases sustainability report for 2007
BASF has published its 2007 sustainability report with an altered structure so that the financial and corporate reporting is combined into the single Report 2007. Refer here for more.

CLP Group publishes sustainability report for 2007
The CLP Group sustainability report contains a feature article A Regional Dilemma about the challenge of meeting the growing needs for energy in developing countries without devastating consequences to the climate. CLP offers a frank discussion on real experience in China and India. Refer here for more.

Danske Bank publishes second report on Corporate Social Responsibility
The 2007 structure is the same as that adopted in 2006 and is organised around the four main areas of the Danske Bank Group's CSR activities: customers, employees, environment and society. This structure allows comparability with the information presented in the previous report and enables the reader to track the Group's performance on selected issues and target areas. Refer here for more.

Mirvac publishes 2007 Sustainability Report
This report looks at the past 12 months in which Mirvac has worked to develop and consolidate its sustainability strategy, transitioning from a project based approach to sustainability, to a strategic Groupwide activities-focussed approach. Refer here for more.

Novo Nordisk publishes 2007 Annual report
The 2007 Annual report from Novo Nordisk looks at the company's performance across financial, social and environmental criteria. It has adopted the G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines in creating the report. Refer here for more.

Ecopinion Report mines energy and environmental branding
The third Ecopinion Report examines the attitudes and preferences of 1,000 customers across the nation on such things as green brand awareness levels, brand associations with levels of commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency, consumer criteria for environmental leadership, messaging and key words - to name just a few areas tested. Refer here for more.

Nestlé releases Creating Shared Value Report
Nestlé has launched the company's first Creating Shared Value report, including new figures on the impact of its business activities on the environment and society across the world. In 2007, Nestlé reduced its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 16% compared to ten years ago, and its overall water withdrawal by 28%, while at the same time increasing the total volume of goods produced by 76%. Refer here for more.

MOSS :: Events

Kyoto and beyond
A one-day workshop about global warming and its implications for business.

SYDNEY - Tuesday 29 April @ DLA Phillips Fox, Level 38, 201 Elizabeth Street
PERTH - Friday 2 May @ Curtin Graduate School of Business, 78 Murray Street

Following on from the successful post Bali briefing series, MOSS are delighted to offer a one- day workshop with European-based sustainability specialist Jonathan Wootliff, along with an array of sustainability, CSR, communications, forestry and carbon trading experts.

As Australia is one of the most vulnerable and threatened countries on earth in terms of the effects of climate change, this will be an important forum to explore what we all must do if we are to say below a 2% temperature increase.

What does this mean for business?
How should companies prepare for global warming?
What are the risks and what are the opportunities for the business sector?

This workshop will address issues around carbon taxes, trading systems, mitigation, investment opportunities, environmental partnerships, the Carbon Disclosure Project, showcase leading global initiatives and best practice, drivers of change, sustainability reporting and communications, green-washing and much more...

Download the full program and registration brochure for Sydney here.
Download the full program and registration brochure for Perth here.

Managing Complex Relations and Leading the Way in Corporate Responsibility. A two-day workshop to help organisations develop a CSR roadmap.

PERTH: Monday 12 - Tuesday 13 May
SYDNEY: Thursday 15 - Friday 16 May

Do you understand the complexities of CSR?
Are you challenged where to start and how to priorities the issues?
Do you know how to manage complex relationships?
Do you understand the role of business in civil society?
Do you know how to imbed CSR into business strategy?
Do you want better understanding of how to imbed values, ethics and sustainability into everyday decision making?

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insight into the latest international business school thinking about leading CSR and stakeholder engagement and hear how you can integrate CSR into business strategy that will help map and deliver your company's CSR strategy and stakeholder engagement.

This workshop is limited to 15 people only. Registrations close Friday May 2nd unless sold out prior. Registrations are accepted on a 'first in' basis.

Download the brochure here.

Do you know what consumers are thinking?
- A half-day workshop coming to Sydney and Melbourne early May to share the latest consumer research.
MOSS is continually asked to develop an event to share with business the latest consumer thinking. With the 17th Eye on Australia Report to be release early May, we have invited Grey Worldwide, Edelman and the Mobium Group to share their latest research. Look out for an invitation coming to your mail box soon. Or check the upcoming events on the MOSS website.

Corporate-cause partnering - best practice training

The HeartSmart® NPO Toolkit program commences in May of this year, registrations close 1 April 2008.

Under the Sun - A new TV series based on sustainability and health
Following 18 months of extensive research, a new television series is currently in pre-production. Called Under the Sun, this 13 week series is based on reports initially from the US, and now researched locally, on a new consumer category called LOHAS - Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

LOHAS consumers are not grouped by a traditional demographic, but by attitude. In Australia, 3.9 million people fit into the core group, with 12.1 million Australians fitting a broader interest group. Importantly, these consumers are looking for unbiased, clear and non-sensationalist information. Under the Sun will deliver expert advice using a mix of experienced advisors, a panel that includes Macquarie University's ARIES, the Mobium Group, and MOSS.

Presenters include Deni Hines, Karen Pini, Andy O'Sullivan and Pete Rutherford. The program's makers are interested in talking to organisations or individuals who would like to support this ground-breaking series.

To find out more, please email underthesun@rocketsciencedept.com.au. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call +61 2 9975 6996

Final Masterclass for 2008
17 - 18 April, Melbourne
After running a 2 rip-roaringly successful Masterclasses in February this year, Cavill + Co is running another class for those that missed out. This is the last chance to receive hands-on exceptional training before remote led classes are revealed in 2010. Classes fill fast so refer here before the Class is full. http://www.cavill.com.au/pages.asp?area=20&page=73.

2008 CSR Summit
We've commenced our planning for 2008 which is scheduled for 20 - 21 November. So if you or your organisation would like to get involved in the planning, sponsorship and execution of the event, we'd love to hear from you. Our aim is to grow on what we have delivered over the past three years - so if you want to play an active leadership role - call MOSS today on 03 9846 7629.

That's it for another month. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event and to receiving your news and information for the next edition of MOSS news, views and events!

Yours in Sustainability
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder and CEO MOSS

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