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Welcome to the Carbon Tax Edition to MOSS News Views and Events.

It's been almost two weeks now since the Gillard Government announced the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee's plan to transition Australia into a clean energy, low carbon economy or what some also refer to as the Green Economy. Having been involved for the last 4 years at the highest level of thought leadership globally as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the World Climate Summit where business, government and community meet annually to review policy, discuss challenges, celebrate and share success stories and collaborate on a new way forward post Kyoto, I have to say I think it's a fair package of policies and reform to take Australia forward and bring us into line with the majority of the developed world.

Most Australians do not realise how much above our weight Australia punches in the international arena. The commitments now on the table that we expect will be legislated by October/November will help enormously to influence our lagging international counterparts like Canada and the US to also step up and take meaningful material action to stop dangerous climate change.

The 27 EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, China, India, Costa Rica, Japan, NZ and several regions of the US have already either implemented a carbon tax or ETS or are putting plans in place to do so. So there is no fear that of Australia will be leading the world - however what we do, is show the rest of the world how a country divided by opinion and skeptism can work collaboratively through a multi-party committee to deliver a road map - an action plan, that puts Australia back into the race - to develop innovation and IP that we can take to the rest of the world that will build our credentials and our economy.

I realise not everyone agrees (some of the abusive emails and messages I have received have been testament to that) and many more feel it's not worthwhile doing anything when they can not see developing countries such as China, India and Indonesia playing their part, but what few realise is they are - and China in particular is as much part of the solution as they are part of the problem.

When the world first started to negotiate the Koto Protocol, China was a developing country. Today however it straddles both worlds with a powerhouse economy - yet the majority of its population are still living below the poverty line.

China are currently investing $9b a month into new technology and innovation - that's 1% of its GDP. No other country in the world has yet made that commitment despite recommendations by the former head of the World Bank and author of the Economics on Climate Change Lord Stern - that this is what all governments globally should be spending now, if we want to minimise our risk of economic collapse from dangerous climate change and continue business as usual.

China forecasts its green economy will be worth $1t by 2012 - 13. A recent report from HSBC suggest the global green economy will be worth $1.5 - $2.7t by 2020 so I think it's fair to say China's commitment to own the Green Economy is paying dividends. China know they missed out on the industrial revolution and the IT boom - they have made it very clear they want to own the green economy and they are well on their way to doing just that. So by 2020 they will have both continued to strengthen their own economy as well as having brought down the cost of almost every renewable and clear energy technology from LED's to wind turbines, solar panels - even solar roads - making it affordable for the rest of the world.

Last year I was privy to a presentation at the Melb Carbon Expo where Dr Hu Tao a senior Environmental Economist for China reminded us China are manufacturers not innovators and they were looking to import 60% of their Green Technology. This is the real opportunity for Australia. Our job is to work out what China and the rest of the world needs as our global population grows, resources become scarce, sea levels rise and catastrophic climatic events increase. Bio-fuels, innovation in food production, construction, soil carbon sequestration, clean coal, water filtering and management systems are just the tip of the melting iceberg.

So if innovating and future proofing your business is important to you, perhaps it's time to join a FREE MOSS Innovating for Green Growth workshop to be held in PERTH, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE & TOWNSVILLE in August. We will also help demystify the carbon tax and what it means to you.

Our special thanks to Enterprise Connect, EastRiver Software , Mobile Muster and Siemens for supporting this important event series.

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Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder and CEO MOSS

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MOSS : Reports

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Board Appointments. The Government has announced the appointment of Ms Tanya Cox and Ms Linda Nicholls to the Board of Directors of Low Carbon Australia Limited.

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