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Whilst Australia and many of its home grown businesses suggest we all sit back and see what other countries are doing to reduce emissions and mitigate the risks of climate change - the forerunners have already bolted in a race to own the green revolution. 35 countries now have a price on Carbon. President Obama although struggling to get Republican support, believes the country that owns the clean energy economy - will be the nation that leads the global economy.

The green economy in Europe is now bigger than Aviation and Pharmaceuticals. This week Siemans reported that revenue from its green portfolio had surpassed expectations and would come in at around $28 billion for the 2010 fiscal year. It expects this to double by 2014 to $55 billion, according to Siemens CEO Peter Loscher, although this is a mere fraction of the $40 trillion that cities across the globe will spend on green technologies such as energy generation, grids, water, waste and transport over the next 25 years. "Despite the lack of global agreements, the green revolution has already begun and there's no turning back," Loscher told Newsweek.

China are currently investing US$9b a month into new technologies and by 2013 their Green Economy is expected to be worth US$1 trillion a year.

We all know Australia is the backyard of innovation, yet a focused approached to develop a green economy has bypassed us. Surely it's time Australia took the bold steps to address a more sustainable future. What are you and your organisation doing about it? Please tell us - we'd love to know.

MOSS have several initiatives we'd like to share with companies who are looking to get more involved in leading Australia into the green revolution.

1.  Get involved in the Personal Carbon Trading trials on Norfolk Island. These world first trials not only support reduction of emissions, they also aim to support individual health and wellbeing by linking the health and carbon value of all products and services.

2.  The Sustainability Challenge goes online and off to School. If school sustainability education is important to you, talk to us about our various school programs.

3.  Join forces to help us find Australia's best social and environmental innovations and solutions in the categories of Transport Building and Construction; Energy; IT and Communications, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries; Climate Change Adaptation; Education; and Healthcare.

4.  Do you have a special interest in food and water security - all the fine quality products that feed and water the nation? Then we have several programs that will be of particular interest to you.

If any of these grab your attention, talk to us as they will be a major focus for us in 2011 and beyond.

Now if they are too big and ambitious for you, maybe you and your organisation or community can support the residents of the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea as their islands become uninhabitable due to rising sea levels. Their relocation program to Bouganville has begun in earnest - but they still seek $1million to make it possible. (You can build them a house for as little as AUS$4,000). Maybe your workplace giving might like to support their efforts. Help us help a local community disadvantaged by climate change build a new future so they can once again sustain themselves and their families. NB For organisations wanting to help - we are embarking on a trip to the Carteret Islands mid 2011.

Have you ever wondered how a company who is losing a 1million a day can use CSR to turn a profit and make 1 million a day? This month, we are delighted to present Dr Martin Blake, Former Head of CSR, Sustainability and Social Policy for Royal Mail - winner of over 75 International Awards for CSR and Carbon Management for our first Webinar Thursday November 18 and for lunch in Melbourne at RMIT University Tuesday November 23rd. It's rare to have access and support from such an experienced sustainability, carbon and transformation specialist, so we hope you can join us.

And last but not least, I've been invited by several organisations to give insight into Australian social and environmental innovation in Cancun as part of the UNFCCC, so although we are highly unlikely to get an agreement formalised, I have no doubt there will be some spectacular learning's as approx 20,000 business, government and community leaders gather to help find solutions to the climate crisis. So if being kept up todate on the latest thought leadership and best practice is important to you - talk to us. We can investigate industry specific activities and initiatives on your behalf and share them with you upon our return. Note we will be conducting private COP business briefings for all interested organisations.

As we count down to the year's end, we look forward to you engaging with us on important initiatives to Sustain Australia and our world.  Until next edition - may the force be with you!

Best Regards
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder and CEO - Models of Success & Sustainability

MOSS : Industry News

Colour-coded economies. In Australia, we often talk of a two-speed economy - basically the difference between the bits associated with the resources boom and everything else. European industrial giants are finding that they, too, are facing a two-speed economy only theirs is colour-coded: green and, well, not-so green reports Climate Spectator

Government climate change initiatives
with funding allocated in the 2010-11 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook released this week include...

How to make friends and embrace sustainability.
GE has signed a $20 million R&D investment partnership with the CSIRO that will see the two organisations pursue developments in aviation, cleaner energy, smart grids, water services and over the next five years. GE chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who signed the agreement with CSIRO chief Megan Clark during a visit to Sydney, described it as a "strategic" alliance that focused on its two major growth sectors of green business and health. Read on...

is an analyses the Chinese climate policies and initiatives. It argues that China can, and should, be seen as a climate 'champion' that has the potential to change the current market situation both for carbon credits and clean energy technologies. Read on...

Chief Executives
of nine of the biggest investment managers and superannuation funds in the country have stepped into the carbon price debate, calling for clarity and certainty on climate change policy and forming a high-level panel to have input on the design of a carbon price. More...

Domestic offsets integrity committee open for business.
An expert panel to assess proposed methods for developing and selling carbon credits has been announced delivering the first step under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). More...

The 2010 LBG
says corporate Australia and New Zealand dedicated more time to charitable causes and increased the proportion of cash donations they made to the community in the 2010 financial year. More...

New Sustainability Bank.
SAM founder and former CEO Reto Ringger outlines plans for a new sustainability bank

The UK government
says its planned New Green Investment Bank will bring "new types of investor" into green infrastructure.

UN Global Compact
Is it just ten years of greenwashing?

New media techniques
means more options for engaging with stakeholders

Corporate Accountability
Blaming the big names. Who's really responsible?

Environment groups welcome
Gunns' move out of native forests

At McDonald's, CSR is everybody's business.
How does the world's largest fast-food chain practice corporate social responsibility that is both contextual and real? More...

December 3 is id Day
a sector-wide initiative to bring awareness of People with a Disability - celebrating the achievements of people with disabilities, to recognise their identities, not labels. More...

Australian schools can now apply to receive the Westpac Junior Landcare Student Sustainability Grant.
Applications close December 10.

Procter & Gamble
will start using sugarcane-based plastic packaging and introduce a Styrofoam substitute made from mushroom roots and agricultural waste that consumes one-tenth the energy used to manufacture foam packaging.

WA unveil more renewable energy projects
including the expansion of the Albany wind farm and the construction of a new $58 Million, 10 MW solar farm in the mid-west. More...
MOSS  :  Reports

Major Research into Sceptic Arguments. Deutsche Bank has this month produced a 50 page report, Climate Change: Addressing the Major Skeptic Arguments to examine the many claims and counter-claims being made in the public debate about climate change science. The paper's clear conclusion is that the primary claims of the sceptics do not undermine the assertion that human-made climate change is already happening and is a serious long term threat.

2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index Annual Review.
Another day, another corporate citizenship ranking, but unlike most awards and lists, the DJSI provides asset managers with quantifiable benchmarks to manage sustainability portfolios. The recently released 2010 annual review comes with significant changes. Forty-eight companies join the World Index, while 46 firms are deleted based on a thorough analysis of corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards and labor practices. More...

Energy Performance Certification of Buildings
report is to provide policymakers with a "how-to" guide for designing, implementing and evaluating policies to promote energy efficient buildings has been released by IEA.

Study Indicates a Changing Climate in the South-East
A new CSIRO report says despite recent rains, the 13-years of drought has manifested in an increased risk of below-average rainfall and runoff into streams, and drier conditions into the future in south-eastern Australia.

Global research
commissioned by The Climate Institute reveals that Australias major trading partners have higher direct and indirect carbon pricing in their electricity sectors in order to drive cleaner energy investments

World Bank Report
The economics of adaptation to climate change.

World Bank
Reducing Poverty, Protecting Livelihoods and Building Assets in a Changing Climate book released.

Sandtraps Cap or Trap?
How the EU ETS risks locking in carbon emissions. This Report critically appraises the overall performance of the EU ETS and tracking the windfalls accruing to key industrial companies within it.

DIREC 2010.
This edition sees a personal report by MOSS subscriber Andrew Lang on the International Renewable Energy Conference in Delhi.

The Federal Government
report into the debarcled Home Insulation Program released.

The Century Ahead:
Searching for Sustainability published in the special issue on Sustainable Futures in the journal Sustainability highlights our emissions scenarios to 2100 in quantitative analysis of four very different futures. Download the report here

Climate Risk and Business:
  Methods for Assessing Risk the second in a series of publications on climate risk and the private sector from the International Finance Corporation.

MOSS  :  Industry Views

GE Head Honcho Jeff Immelt shares his thoughts on Crowdsourcing, 30 Rock, and Why 'Green' Is No Longer Gold.Read On...

For many years Richard Barrett has stated "Organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of leaders. If leaders don't change, the culture won't change". More...

More companies are using corporate responsibility benchmarks when calculating remuneration for top executives in a bid to reward sustainable behaviour.  At last! Read on...

Census of Marine Life now available

73% of Australians would support a national plan for tougher and more responsible management of our natural assets including targets, timeframes and specific outcomes for protecting Australia's wetlands, forests, oceans and wildlife. More...

Poll shows 77% want Murray degradation fixed now. More than three quarters of Australians (77 per cent) agree that degradation of the Murray-Darling needs to be fixed now and 75 per cent are worried that if we don't put water back into the river system it will be irreparably dam. More...

New paper on International Climate Governance. The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and the Grantham Research Institute suggests "Climate change talks should focus on 'building blocks' of policy instead of a comprehensive international treaty - more an agreements between countries on key aspects of climate change policy, such as deforestation, adaptation and technology transfer, without a comprehensive, universal and legally-binding treaty. And MOSS agree this may be the only way forward. More...

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development has a plethora of excellent publications and briefings for review. them out

Blood on the Farm. Are GE modified crops a major cause of farmer suicide? Many believe so. Read on...

MOSS  :  Events

Download our event listings here.
And what ever you do - don't miss events with Dr Martin Blake.

And if by chance you are heading off to Cancun for COP 16, let us know. We'd love to catch up with you there.

Until next edition - enjoy what's left of spring - it's going to be a long hot summer!

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