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As companies cut costs to get through the current economic slowdown, there is often a temptation to abandon recent forays into sustainability. Yet study after study finds that companies committed to corporate sustainability practices are achieving above average performances in the financial markets during this slowdown.

According to Green Winners by AT Kearney, companies recognised for their sustainability focus dramatically outperform their industry peers. The performance differential translated to an average $650 million in market capitalisation.

So how do they do it?

Unfortunately it appears many companies don't know how to actually make the changes that would improve both business performance and societal impact. A recent IBM study showed:

♦ Most companies don't understand the concerns of their key stakeholders, particularly customers, and they're not actively engaging them to find out. That means they're missing out on knowledge that could improve their businesses and lead to new opportunities.

♦ Companies aren't collecting and analyzing the information they really need or aggregating it often enough. Because of that, they can't implement real changes to fundamentally increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce environmental impact and improve their reputations with key stakeholders.

♦ Few are collecting enough data from their global supply chain partners, so they're missing major opportunities to reduce the inconsistency, inefficiency, waste and risk that can ripple through a global supply network.

During August, MOSS will specifically address these issues by presenting a One Day Management Workshop delivered by two highly regarded international sustainability specialists Jonathan Wootliff and Ian Heath. Let MOSS show you how to Win Trust and Credibility by addressing stakeholder expectations of your corporate, social and environmental responsibility. It will show you how you can both improve business performance and societal impact.

This is your opportunity to acquire the right tools to develop your own CSR roadmap and convert knowledge and perceived knowledge into tangible action.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve business performance and social impact. 

Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder & CEO MOSS

Industry News

The ABC of Carbon released. Want the latest insights into Climate Change?  Check out the ABC of Carbon. The Qld Minister for Climate Change Kate Jones MP says "This wide-ranging, encyclopaedic approach is not only a great read, but is a fantastic reference tool for everyone to better understand climate change. I welcome Ken Hickson's insights and enthusiasm for conservation and the environment. I am positive his ecological fervour will inspire and educate generations of green thinkers."

Book launches are being held in Brisbane 2nd August, Sydney 5th August and Melbourne 7th August. Get along to meet the author, talk climate change and get your signed copy of the book hot off the press!

How to incorporate human rights into everyday business practices. Do you find it difficult to incorporate human rights into your everyday business practice although you have a great deal of interest in implementing policies that reflect human rights principles? The Australian Human Rights Commission has recently developed four short fact sheets setting out five basic steps towards integrating human rights into everyday business practices. download factsheets.

Australian concept in top 10 for best climate change solution
Australians Bruce Ward and Tony Lovett introduced the concept of Soil Carbon as a solution to climate change and are now in the top 10 concepts being showcased by the Guardian Newspaper's "Manchester Report". See their concept here and vote for them here. Also check out the other finalists. We wish you well guys! To learn more about soil carbon, refer www.soilcarbon.com.au.
To view how grasslands can be so different by having different management, click here.

Prominent US and multinational companies under fire as they are pinpointed as culprits in an unflinching report that details the often noxious connections between the illegal mining trade, and widespread human rights abuses in tech and mining firms. Corporate social responsibility is ignored and conflict is perpetuated. Huffington Post tells the story... Or hear an interview from the author of Faced with a Gun here...

Despite global economic meltdown, consumers have increased appetite for Green. A newly released survey, conducted in seven countries indicates consumers believe that green products cost more than comparable non-green products, and indicate they plan to spend more money on green products in the coming year. More.

WA School of Earth and Environment recognises MOSS member. Dr Ray Wills, Chief Executive of the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc (WA SEA), has been conferred the title of Adjunct Professor in the School of Earth and Environment with The University of Western Australia by the Vice Chancellor in recognition of his significant contribution to the work and activities of the University. Congrats Ray. More....

MOSSketeers Republic of Everyone wins the Inaugural Media Award for Excellence in Sustainability Communication - a key category in the NSW Government's Green Glob Awards. Congrats Matt and Ben!

Al Gore visits Melbourne for The Climate Project Asia-Pacific Summit and trained people from 19 countries which ranged from the world's largest economies to the smallest and most vulnerable island states. Many of these people are living in regions impacted by the climate crisis. Moreover, it is the first time people from the Asia-Pacific region have been brought together to be trained by Al Gore. Read more about the summit.

A $122 billion-a-year climate change fund for poorer countries is hopeful. Although the Australian government has not made any public response to Britain's proposal for a fund UK PM Gordon Brown revealed in an exclusive briefing that he believed he already had Mr Rudd's "in principle" support. This fund is praised by green groups, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and several poorer countries as a potential breakthrough that could save the struggling attempts to sign a global agreement in Copenhagen in December. Read more.

Energy's Thirst for Water Challenges Carbon Debate.  Reducing carbon emissions continues to be a hot topic. However, have you ever imagined water usage will influence the business of future energy production as much as carbon output will? Lux Research finds that although new energy sources and extraction methods may reduce carbon intensity, they often impose increased water usage. Because only 0.008% of water in the planet is renewable, such trade-offs will become an increasingly important consideration for executives and policymakers. Lux Research also says...

Sydney Theatre Company is ready to be transformed into a green precinct. The Rudd Government has invested $1.2 million to make this possible. Greening the Wharf project will transform the wharf into a sustainability hub employing solar power technology, water-smart design and the latest in energy efficiency. Download to see more.

Calling all women. Find out how one million women plan to reduce 1 million tonnes of CO2. Click here to join 1 Million Women to help the environment, and the next generation.

Industry Views

Sustainability thought leaders views wanted. Are you a sustainability opinion leader? Participate in this quick survey, which explores climate change negotiations with particular focus on negotiations and outcomes of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP-15) in Copenhagen, and you will be provided key findings from the survey of experts GlobeScan conducted in March 2009. Read more and participate.

Leading sustainability consultant, Jonathan Wootliff, discusses the importance of correctly identifying the stakeholders in your business, and the dangers of what happens if you underestimate who they may be with EvoTV. Jonathan says that correct stakeholder relations, and avoiding transparent practises such as greenwashing, are key to building trust around your business. More...

James Gifford, Executive Director of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment says he has seen progress worldwide reflected in the results of this years report. Mr Gifford says the results show a growing culture of active ownership and collaboration among investors in response to the financial crisis. More...

Amanda McCluskey from Colonial First State sees the global financial crisis as a challenge but also a trigger point to rethink responsible investments. Amanda discusses carbon markets and the importance of biodiversity as something to consider in all investments with EvoTV. More

Founder of Zaffyre International, Margot Cairnes, explains that how taking a different approach can bring connections between seemingly unrelated business divisions and make business more sustainable. More...

Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, according to the latest Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. 90 percent of consumers surveyed noted that they trust recommendations from people they know, while 70 percent trusted consumer opinions posted online. However...
Nielsen press release Survey result

Recession is excuse for companies to ignore community conscience. Do you have the same thought as Richard Northedge does? Click here to read more...

Peter Shergold, head of Centre for Social Impact and member Western Australia Economic Audit Committee discusses ways of enhancing the delivery of services to meet citizens' needs and how important CSI is for the making of public policy. Download here.

UNFCCC's discusses prospects for international agreement in Copenhagen. What does the House's passage of the Waxman-Markey climate bill mean for international negotiations? Will a detailed agreement be reached in Copenhagen? Michael Zammit Cutajar, chairman of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change's Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action, explains how the United States' legislative progress will affect the Copenhagen meeting. He discusses the importance of engagement between China and the United States and explains whether the goals for the Copenhagen meeting have changed as a result of the economic downturn. Watch Video  Read Transcript

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Industry Reports

IBM Global Survey Shows Information Gap In "Green," Sustainability Strategies
IBM's second annual global corporate social responsibility survey of senior business executives again shows significant gaps between their goals and their ability to attain them. Click here to view the survey result.

Eighty-Six Percent of Consumers Believe Profitable Businesses Can Address Social Issues. A new study finds that 86 percent of consumers believe that profitable businesses can address social issues. Despite growing concerns about corporate corruption, economic recession and global instability, consumers and marketing professionals believe companies can make a positive change in society through the products and services they sell highlighting the current state of key consumer perceptions in the area of corporate social responsibility. Read.

What Assures Consumers in an Economic Downturn? is part of the What Assures research and report series that explores and advances innovative approaches to building credible assurance. What Assures Consumers explores citizens' potential as change-makers through their own consumption choices. With consumer behaviour in flux and the economy in such uncertain territory, this new analysis from AccountAbility will prove invaluable to consumers, businesses and policy makers alike. Download report.

Green IT Guide. As often as we talk about how much greening a company's data centre can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there aren't that many resources that offer a step-by-step approach to really tackling the issue. Terrabytes Consulting's new online Green IT Guide fills that gap. This Guide helps you...

New BITC report says companies consistently participating in the CR Index outperform the FTSE 350 on total shareholder return 2002-2007 by between 3.3% and 7.7% per year. Download.

Virgin Media has published its 2nd Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report. Download.

Coca-Cola Enterprises publishes 2008 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report. Read more.

GE publishes Citizenship Report 2008 Read more

Industry Events

WINNING TRUST AND CREDIBILITY Addressing Stakeholders' expectations of your corporate, social & environmental responsibility.

MOSS invites you to attend one of these limited-capacity events: BRISBANE 13 August - CANBERRA 16 August - ADELAIDE 18 August - MELBOURNE 20 August - HOBART 23 August  - PERTH 25 August - SYDNEY 27 August

Never has the demand for responsible business been so great with confidence in the corporate world now at an all-time low. Join former Greenpeace International Director & Journalist Jonathan Wootliff and Sustainability Advisor Ian Heath for a one day workshop. They will share how to map and engage with stakeholders, how to identify and prioritise challenges and oportunities including licence to operate, reputation, supply chain, innovation, personnel recruitment and retention, mainstreaming CSR and developing a clear comprehensive and workable action plan - and much much more....

Download the brochure here. Or register online today to gain great early bird discounts.

The ABC of Carbon - Book Launches 
Ken Hickson will launch his new book the ABC of Carbon at events 
Brisbane 2nd August,
Sydney 5th August and
Melbourne 7th August. 

Readers of MOSS News Views and Events are encouraged to get along to meet the author, talk climate change and get your signed copy of the book hot off the press!

National roll out of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) introductory workshops
The Global Reporting Initiative (Focal Point Australia), the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework, is delighted to invite you to attend the Australian roll out of GRI introductory workshops. The workshops will take place from July to September 2009 across the country and be run by the recently appointed Network Manager, Lena Geraghty. This will be an exciting opportunity for those both new and experienced in reporting to gain valuable up to date information and hear robust discussion on reporting questions.

Workshops dates: Sydney 4 August (FULL) - Canberra 12 August - Melbourne 20 August - Brisbane 26 August - Perth 2 September - Adelaide 4 September   Click here to view specific time and location.

Click to view workshop invitation and program
For more information and registration, refer http://thehub.ethics.org.au.

Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) Seminars
Now in its seventh year, the Corporate Responsibility Index is a leading and proven business management tool that enables companies to effectively manage non financial risk, enhance reputation and increase competitiveness. Unique in the Australian marketplace, the Corporate Responsibility Index is the only available voluntary, non prescriptive, independently validated and business led benchmarking measure of corporate responsibility performance.

By attending this Seminar you will learn more about how the Corporate Responsibility Index can assist your company to develop, measure, manage and communicate its corporate responsibility strategy. We look forward to meeting you in August to share:
        - how the Corporate Responsibility Index works;
        - the business benefits; and
        - the experiences of our current participants.

MELBOURNE CBD     05 August  (10am - 12pm)
SYDNEY CBD            10 August  (10am - 12 pm)
BRISBANE CBD        17 August  (10am - 12 pm)

To RSVP please phone +61 (0)2 9299 9566 or email ottilie@ethics.org.au.
Places are strictly limited, so please RSVP early to secure your booking. Further event details will be provided on registration. For more information please contact the Manager, Corporate Responsibility Index at sarah.davidson@ethics.org.au or visit http://www.corporate-responsibility.com.au.

CSR Drinks - Sydney
Martin Place Bar from 6.30pm last Tuesday of each month
CSR Drinks is an opportunity for all people with an interest or job in CR or sustainability. Join NSW MOSSketeers to network, socialise, exchange ideas, debate or just meet new friends.

For more information, contact Lauren Stern CSRdrinks@gmail.com or join the CSR Drinks Facebook group here.

That all for this month.  We trust through our events and news that we provide you the tools and inspiration to improve business performance and social impact. 

Yours in sustainability
MOSS News and Events Team

About MOSS: Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) is an Australian based not for profit industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. For more than a decade, MOSS has provided innovation, education, training tools and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success. Now the final piece of the puzzle has been brought to the table of project funding - so the trio of innovation, education and investment is now available to transition society to a low carbon future. For more information refer: www.moss.org.au

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