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On the eve of my departure to Hungary for a two week intensive course in the Blue Economy at the School of Economics at Pecs University - I am feeling very upbeat about the future. Not just because I am exciting about what I can learn and bring back as a trainer in this new economic model to the region, but also because there is in fact much good happening in the world at the moment.

Last week the World Bank acknowledged that global economic output could rise by as much as an additional $2.6 trillion a year, or 2.2%, by 2030 if government policies improve energy efficiency, waste management and public transport (yes improved efficiency and technology is good for employment). A new Report also shows that clean energy is becoming mainstream for U.S. corporations - with 60 percent of the Fortune 100 having goals for renewable energy or greenhouse gas reductions. Through these initiatives, the 53 Fortune 100 companies have collectively saved $1.1 billion annually and decreased their annual CO2 emissions by approximately 58.3 million metric tons - the equivalent of retiring 15 coal-fired power plants.

We also saw a prospectus lodged with ASIC to raise capital for investment for Australia's Not for Profit Sector, including a crowdfunding project supporting social outcomes and the development of impact investing vehicles, such as a social impact fund, which would allow for equity investment in social impact projects. A roundtable on impact investing held at the White House also saw 20 US private sector investors commit more than $1.5 billion in new impact investments, on the heels of a new report on how the government can partner with investors to unleash new capital and use private money for public good. We are also seeing that companies committed to product sustainability are generating clear business value such as manufacturing cost savings, trust and brand enhancement, and employee engagement.

I live and breath positivity in the market everyday with more and more organisations connecting the dots - seeing that they don't have to live in lack, that the future is in fact bright IF we design our products, services and businesses right from the onset.

I hope some of this positivity can rub off on you too - helping you to build your internal business case for action. So enjoy our Winter Edition of MOSS, News, Views and Events - spreading good news and stories of inspiration, to help guide your sustainability journey.

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Anne-Maree Huxley
MOSS Founder and CEO

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pixel Palmer and Gore an unlikely but welcome partnership for many. As 61 per cent of Australians want Australia to be a leader in finding solutions to climate change (the highest level since 2008), support for carbon pricing having moved up, and only one in five who believe that the Government's alternative "Direct Action," is credible.  Read more from the Climate Institute...

pixel The best in sustainable development is yet to come. 
The Blue Economy a new economic model inspired by nature with zero waste offering 100 new innovations that will generate 100m jobs in the next 10 years, is why MOSS CEO Anne-Maree Huxley is excited to be heading to Hungary. 

Blue Economy Founder  Gunter Pauli shares why he too is excited with best, yet to come.
pixel One mans trash is another mans treasure! 
Discover how 20,000 used toothbrushes, 4,000 old DVDs, 10 tons of discarded chalk, and 2 tons of denim scraps built a house! prove that fluffy, crumbly and organic low carbon materials can compete effectively with their more established high-energy, high-carbon counterparts. Thanks to hi-tech construction methods, 90 percent of the house is made from things that would normally be tossed. 

pixel Ford and Heinz Collaborate on 'Tom-auto'-Based Materials for Car Parts. Dried tomato skins - now a waste product of the ketchup-making process - could become the wiring brackets or a storage bin used to hold coins and other small objects in Fords. More...

pixel Elon Musk made the electric car sexy, affordable and his IP open source. Now the electric-car entrepreneur aims to make renewable energy cheaper than coal. Tesla has also learnt along with other companies such as SAP and Starbucks that sharing and collaborating is key to success. More...
pixelBuildings offer near-term, highly cost-effective opportunities to curb energy demand growth rates. 
MELBOURNE Tues 26 August l SYDNEY Tues 21 October
Exploiting this potential more widely requires sustained policies and actions that address all aspects of the design, construction and operation of buildings and their equipment, as well as changing user behaviour and attitudes. 
If you are responsible for sustainability or efficiency in your building portfolio  join our High Performance Facilities Forum to discover the latest innovation and savings! 
pixel Obama makes good on his climate change promises.
There's a long way to go, but new power plant rules from the White House are a huge step in the fight against global warming.

Obama also attacks Republicans for  appeasing climate deniers.

pixel100 Innovations Proving Potential in Green Markets. Sustainia presents state-of-the-art innovation across 10 industries showing three strong drivers among the market-ready innovation: circular economy products, data analytic services and improved sustainability practices throughout the supply chain. Learn more...

pixel Employee Engagement = Happy Talent = Higher Revenue. What if 100 percent of your employees were engaged in your business? According to Gallup, that would translate to an increase of anywhere from $450-550B in increased revenue for US companies alone. Those are daunting numbers in the macro. But what matters is how it translates to your business. Learn more...

pixel Cool roads could cool our cities.
Roads are believed to increase temperatures in our cities and suburbs. A Sydney-based project is investigating the use of lighter-coloured bitumen on roads to reduce urban temperatures by as much as 7C. More...

pixel Lismore City Council aims for 100 per cent renewables by 2023. Lismore City Council has set a 100 per cent renewable energy target, aiming to make is council electricity demands self sufficient via renewable energy sources within 10 years. 

It is also looking at community ownership opportunities for large solar arrays under its Farming the Sun initiative. More...

pixel Floating billboard cleans polluted rivers. A Japanese natural cosmetics company has launched a campaign to build awareness of "healthy beauty brought by the power of nature" by literally cleaning a polluted river with an 88-foot floating organic billboard. The billboard is made from vetiver grass which is used to treat wastewater by absorbing deadly toxins. Learn more>}1

pixel Ford tops Interbrands 2014 Best Global Green Brands report list - knocking off reigning champ Toyota, which held the top spot since the report was launched in 2011, down to #2. Fellow automakers Honda and Nissan claim the #3 and #4 spots, respectively, with Panasonic in fifth place. The report examines the gap between brands' environmental performance and consumers' perceptions of that performance. More...

pixel Is paying people the way to cut carbon emissons? 

Economists say cold hard cash can get commuters out of their cars. Would you bike to work if someone paid you to? 

France recently launched an experiment that aims to ease the rush-hour commute by putting more bikes on the road? Read more...

pixel 10 Steps on the Sustainable Event Pathway.
Megan Jones updated Sustainable Event Management is a great one stop guide for event professionals and event management students. 
Discover the 10 steps.

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