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Welcome to the Winter Edition of MOSS News, Views and Events - June 2013

Despite it being very chilly in the southern states, the northern states and WA are enjoying magical weather - so I hope you don't mind me giving the newsletter a warm tone with a glorious beach scene on our header.

And on the tone of warming up - things here at MOSS are hotting up as we turn Seven - unveiling a new pathway forward and calling for a sustainability revolution!

It's hard to imagine that it was seven and a half years ago that MOSS was seeded at Australia's Inaugural CSR Summit - encouraged by individuals and companies eager to see the cross fertilization of ideas, linking of concepts and an array of training and education delivered to help build a new industry to support 'People, Planet and Profits."

Seven years on (we launched June 8 2006) having built relationships with sustainability innovators, world experts and business leaders and having delivered hundreds of thought leadership and training events to thousands of business, government and industry representatives to build resilience and a competitive pathway to a low carbon economy - we yet again find ourselves at a cross road with governments more interested in short term profitability than long term sustainability - unpicking environmental protection and policy - for those with a loud voice, deep pockets and vested interests.

So what does that mean for MOSS, our members and our partners?

Well, we are as determined as ever to shine a light on the innovation, education and investment required to sustain our world, create jobs and grow new industries. Industries that will support future generations (not steal from them), work in harmony with nature and natural systems (not against them.) We'll show how the waste of one industry can lead to new businesses and how by taking a systems approach, you can reduce waste, build the triple bottom line and prosperity for all. We'll also introduce you to the Blue Economy and Biophilia and show you how reconnecting with nature can inspire, rejuvenate and guide the path forward.

One of our new partners in this journey is the BE Sustainable Group of companies. An organization founded by International Sustainability Expert and our Strategic Advisor Dr Martin Blake and Innovator, Researcher and Problem Solver Phil Risby. Our focus will be to work with Australian cities, local and state governments, businesses and industries who want to build resilience and transform their organisations and or communities rather than pay lip service and be transactional in their approach.

We will also continue to provide mainstream and bespoke education and training.

Over the coming weeks you will see a few changes. We will provide more resources and courses for members. We'll also provide the opportunity for state based businesses and international organisations the opportunity to partner with MOSS to deliver our products and services. So if you'd like to play a part in our revolution to BE SUSTAINABLE - like us on Facebook, us on Twitter, join us on Linked-in, become a member, or email us info@moss.org.au for more information or to discuss what this might look like for your organization.

For the next two weeks however, I'm going to take a short break to explore the wonders of Vietnam, recharge the batteries and escape the cold.  I'll be back in the office June 19th.

So until then, stay warm and enjoy the Winter Edition of MOSS News, Views and Events.

Best regards
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder and Chief MOSSketeer

PS. To all those who've played their part in delivering innovation, education, training and tools to business, government and industry representatives over the past 7 years along with the thousands who have attended our events and business delegations, our sincere thanks and a well deserved HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to all MOSSketeers.


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Carbon - making the invisible visible. If carbon dioxide real time emissions were visible to everyone, society would come to realize to a much greater extent what the source of the climate change problem is and in so doing, accelerate the current path to a low carbon economy.

It's time to put climate skepticism to bed. Survey finds 97% of climate science papers agree warming is man-made. This is important because studies have shown that people who are aware of scientific consensus on human-caused global warming are more likely to support government action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

UN World Environment Day Awards announce 2013 Finalists. To see if you made the cut - click here. Congratulations to all! And if you'd like to attend the ceremony in Melbourne June 7th - tickets are still available.

Want to know who's leading UK Business? Check out the Guardian Sustainable Business Award winners. Use their interactive wall to discover category winner sustainability initiatives.

Australian Cleantech Competition closes June 3rd. Now in it's third year, the Australian Clean Technologies Competition finds and fosters Australias best cleantech companies like MOSS Member Nick Christie of CINTEP. Christie is doing for the shower what James Dyson did for the vacuum cleaner. His recirculating shower uses 70% less water and energy than your shower at home. More...

Banksia Sustainability Awards offers 21 awards over 3 separate events to celebrate it's 25th anniversary including specific Technical Awards. Submissions Close July 26th. For more information go to www.banksiafdn.com or call Graz on (03) 96844665.


Six Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability.

One key finding of this Ernst and Young report is how the sustainability focus in a growing number of companies is moving from eco-efficiency efforts to a discussion concerning risk reduction and mitigation. As with other sustainability and CSR issues, language is critical and sustainability executives need to learn how to translate the issues they are tracking into the language of enterprise risk management. 
Could your city benefit from Rockefeller's $100m climate aid grant program to build resilience?
With 75% of global population projected to be living in cities by 2015, a large proportion of humanity is increasingly vulnerable to environmental disasters. To handle these future disasters, the Rockefeller Foundation has announced a US$100 million global disaster-relief fund, with its centrepiece 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge offering money, expertise and technical assistance to selected cities world-wide.
Read more or to hear an interview with the head of the Foundation Dr Judith Rodin click here.
Public-private partnerships turn waste into cash. One mans trash is another mans treasure. In a world of scare resources, smart firms are increasingly finding profitable ways of turning waste into assets. Read on...

Environmental fiscal reform is an idea whose time has come.
Studies from the European Environment Agency (EEA) believe it's time for fiscal reform in four EU countries affected by the current economic crisis to encourage growth by reducing taxation on labour and investment - for example, income tax and corporation tax - and shifting the tax burden to the production and consumption of environmentally-harmful goods and services. Another feature of EFR is removing harmful subsidies, for example, those given for fossil fuels, and using the revenues saved to stimulate renewable energy and resource-efficient technologies. Its certainly food for thought for politicians the world over.


Patagonia's new VC fund to invest in trailblazing green firms.
One of the most enduring and stand-out leaders on corporate sustainability, is launching a venture capital fund to invest in future leaders. Starting with $20 million, Patagonia will invest in companies that share its environmental values with a focus on five areas: clothing, food, water, energy, and waste. A trend firming taking hold and one that MOSS will track carefully in the coming months to ensure Australian business can get their fair share!

MOSS invites you to join the GROUNDSWELL that is taking the world by storm. Occupy Groundswell is a movie, television series and digital media platform documenting the lives of people living a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Based on entertaining factual stories, in-depth research and the vision of author, US sociologist and researcher Dr Paul Ray, it will inform, entertain and illuminate. The docudrama film targets 100+ million "Cultural Creatives" also known as LOHAS consumers who make informed lifestyle decisions and purchasing choices based on authentic, transparent and validated information about ethical and sustainable products and services. This is a big project which will ultimately provides big returns for all it's stakeholders. Whether you are an individual wanting to make a difference or are a company wanting to promote it's ethical sustainable products and services.
Take 2 mins to discover what this can mean to you and your organisation.

Local Government encouraged to participate in MapYou Webinars and subsequent PhD study to discover the keys to stakeholder engagement, sustainable livelihoods and regional growth that until now has not been available.

Don't waste resources on outdated processes when you can have access to a leading edge methodology and community enabling tools. MapYou provides a holistic on-the-job training program that incorporates mapping technologies to facilitate business and regional growth: a dynamic process that exposes risks and reveals new opportunities! MOSS are supporting the PhD Study- why don't you. Click here to learn more.

Why getting serious about sustainability needs to start with training. If sustainability is truly a desired corporate objective that contributes to the company's strategy and positively affects employees, customers, partners and the community around it, the Global Institute of Sustainability ask where is all the training? Don't forget MOSS can deliver bespoke training by an array of sustainability specialists. So email us on info@moss.org.au to see how we can help.

Unilever, Patagonia and Puma lead the pack. Companies continue to rank low among global institutions when it comes to sustainability leadership, though a few companies - mostly the usual suspects - continue to rise above the others. Discover who topped the 2013 Sustainability Leaders survey and why.

Two years in to its ten-year Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Unilever reports solid progress on two of its three big goals. Despite good momentum how do they continue this pace and constantly redefine sustainability?

IKEA's Sustainability Strategy: Save the World, One Product At a Time. With 338 stores and steadily growing, superstore IKEA's footprint continues to expand. Yet, the company is pursuing profitability and sustainability as two ends of the same stick.

More Businesses Pursue Triple Bottom Line for a Sustainable Economy. As corporations of all sizes increasingly choose to monitor and report on their social and environmental impacts, a growing number of mostly small and medium-sized companies are going even further: they are volunteering to be held publicly accountable to a new triple bottom line prioritising people and the planet as well as profits. 

Resource productivity could meet up to 30% of the global demand for natural resources by 2030 if we have a resource revolution. Without it, we all face the prospect of damage to global growth, welfare, and the environment. Just 15 areas, from more energy-efficient buildings to improved irrigation, could deliver 75 percent of the potential for higher resource productivity. Learn more...

Bob Irwin calls on Australians to 'Fight for the Reef' in new ad campaign. Check it out.  We reckon its a campaign worth fighting for.

Safe and sustainable chemicals: The case for action. Given the growing market demands, regulations and reputational risks, companies need to understand the impacts of chemical use on society and business and proactively manage their use in products and supply chains.

MOSS VIEWS and the latest Reports

"The goal of the sustainability professional is to integrate sustainability into the fiber of the company and into the hearts and minds of all employees. If we're effective, we should be working ourselves out of a job, not becoming rock stars." Nancy Hirshberg a vanguard of corporate sustainability.

Is there an 'I' in sustainability? http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2013/05/17/there-i-sustainability
Nancy Hirshberg shares her views
. Nancy was a former vice president of natural resources for yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm for more than 20 years, in charge of the company's efforts to improve its environmental performance and reduce its ecological footprint. She also founded the company's organic program.

Accountants will save the world! That's the view of WBCSD's president Peter Bakker in the Harvard Business Review . "In order to address the current economic crisis in a systematic way, we must begin to demand a return on social and natural capital as well as a return on financial capital," 

Sustainability is not a destination, it is a Journey! A Sustainability Report should be a mirror that reflects the systems and processes that are embedded into the organizational DNA. www.eco-business.com/press-releases/frost-sullivan-sustainability-is-not-a-destination-it-is-a-journey/ Frost and Sulivan share their views as they conclude their 4th Green Manufacturing Excellence Summit and Awards in India.

Is Sustainability Still Possible? Indeed, this is a question we must ask, as the effects of our industrialized, commercial civilization causes more and more irreparable damage. Ralph Nader Consumer advocate, lawyer and author share his views on whats possible.

US Dairy Supply Chain Launches Guide for Sustainability Reporting as part of the dairy industry's ongoing effort to provide consumers with nutritious, responsibly produced dairy foods and beverages.

Boston joins seven U.S. cities including New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, as well as two states -- California and Washington in enacting energy reporting requirements aimed at reducing carbon emissions by cutting energy consumption. It is reflective of a growing trend to increase transparency in building performance through the sector's convergence with IT.

A Guide To Social Media For CSR Professionals. Social media provides powerful tools to communicate, get information and feedback on CSR. Jonathan Yohannan offers professionals?utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Combined%20for%20CSRwire&utm_campaign=Top%203%20Report%20February%202013 a guide to help you understand the pros/cons of using a particular channel to engage or communicate on CSR issues.

Need a little inspiration. There's a massive list of new books to choose from
. As you know we are not big on reinventing the wheel, so rather than have our own book store or book review check out the latest array of book on CSR and Sustainability from CSR Wire covering a wide range of topics including books on sustainable investing, guidebooks on running a sustainable and ethical business, MBA guides and much more.

For the latest sustainability reports
check out CSR Wires Report Library


Don't waste your resources on outdated processes when you can have access to a leading edge methodology and community enabling tools. MapYou is a holistic on-the-job training program that incorporates mapping technologies to facilitate business and regional growth: a dynamic process that exposes risks and reveals new opportunities! With MapYou you can...

  • Gain the confidence of your stakeholders
  • Integrate and consolidate all initiatives, past and present
  • Engage communities in your planning processes in a sustainable way
  • Implement authentic change

To view a short Webinar Preview and for full event details - click here.

World Environment Day Awards Awards Ceremony
Melbourne June 7th @ The Grand Ballroom, Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square off Parliament Place.
Hosted by Rob Gell, Environmental Entrepreneur, Chairman of UNESCO Western Port Biosphere, and Chair of Wildlife Victoria
Entertainment: Bryan Dawe, Political Satirist.
Tickets are $175 inc. GST per person (UNAA Vic Member: $165 inc. GST) or $1,750 per table of 10
To book tickets and further information - click here. 

That's it for this edition of MOSS News Views and Events.  And if you have news you'd like to contribute - don't forget to email us at news@moss.org.au


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