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Welcome to the October / November Edition of MOSS News Views and Events - a free bi-monthly newsletter put out by MOSS, the industry body for corporate responsibility and sustainability. MOSS aims to support Australian business through education, training, networking and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success. We hope you gain value from this industry publication and that it helps to fuel and support your journey to a more sustainable future.

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Industry News

Wal-Mart's pure gold transparency scheme is breaking new ground in the jewellery industry by enabling customers to trace products to their source. Click here to read more.

Google invests $10.25 million in Enhanced Geothermal Systems http://www.climatechangecorp.com/content.asp?ContentID=5625#part3

South Australia establishes the nation's first Australian Centre for Social Innovation to address key social issues http://www.communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au/building_stronger/enterprise/SASI.html

The Alternative Technology Association wants to make Australia a world leader in solar power http://www.ecovoice.com.au/enews/enews-54/CLE_ata.php

UK food retailer Sainsbury has won the European Retail Solutions Green Initiative IT award for its two-sided paper receipts http://www.corporateresponsibility.net/2008/07/30/uk-sainsburys-two-sided-paper-receipt-a-success/

UK's Marks & Spencer has cut use of plastic bags by 80 percent http://www.corporateresponsibility.net/2008/07/28/uk-marks-spencer-has-cut-use-of-plastic-bags-by-80/

Views and Inspiration from experts

Interview with Ray Anderson, environmental hero and founder of Interface Inc.  http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2008/09/04/2356837.htm?site=sydney

Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water discussing the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme http://www.environment.gov.au/minister/wong/2008/pubs/tr20080819.pdf

George Kell, the executive head of the UN's Global Compact discusses why the current financial market turmoil will be good for the responsible business movement http://www.ethicalcorp.com/content.asp?ContentID=6096&newsletter=24

Recent Reports

Garnaut's Final Report on Climate Change shows how Australia can become a low-emissions economy within 40 years http://www.dlaphillipsfox.com/content/upload/files/1265-Climate_Change_Update_(l).pdf

A recent report by The Australian National University reveals that by ending the logging of native forests Australia can cut 24 percent of its greenhouse emissions http://www.acfonline.org.au/articles/news.asp?news_id=1872&eid=5771


The fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Summit titled Real Good not Feel Good is on from 2-3 December 2008 at Darling Harbour. Bringing together leading Australian and international CEO, CSR and Sustainability experts http://www.csrsummit.com/

MOSS two day workshop to develop a CSR Roadmap with international CSR and Sustainability advisors Jonathan Wootliff and Ian Heath http://www.mosscommunications.org/servlet/Web?s=1999965&action=changePage&pageID=952274957

PricewaterhouseCooopers Transparency Awards, designed to recognise the quality and transparency of reporting in the not-for-profit sector http://www.pwc.com/extweb/aboutus.nsf/docid/B7895E8C1C53CC94CA2573330005A220

The Clean Energy Council Conference will be held from 24-26 November 2008 http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/conf08/index.php

The Environmental Protection Agency Sustainable Industry Awards will be held on Friday 31 October 2008 http://www.epa.qld.gov.au/environmental_management/sustainability/industry/the_2008_epa_sustainable_industries_awards/

That's it for another edition of MOSS News View and Events.  If you have any news you want to share - email us at news@moss.org.au.  We'd love to hear from you.

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