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Will 2017 be remembered as the year bravery and courage took hold?

When our leaders fail us, when the fabric of our society is threatened, it never ceases to amaze and hearten me how courage takes hold and people find their voice, standing up for what they believe in - exposing the hard, cold facts and truth of a situation.

There is no doubt that trust is in crisis around the world. The general population's trust in all four key institutions - business, government, NGOs, and media has declined - yet something magical happened this year.

This year we've seen the spot light on so many injustices and wrong doings from abuse, misogyny and inequality in our workplaces (especially in the film and TV industry), governments and communities through to exposure of corruption.

People are finding their inner strength and voice, stepping up to speak their truth.

To further rebuild trust and restore faith in the system however, institutions must step outside of their traditional roles and work toward a new, more integrated operating model that puts people - and the addressing of their fears - at the center of everything they do.

It feels to me as if 2017 is the end of an era and that 2018 is the beginning of a new one - one we've been working towards for many years. So to all those who have helped us over the last 10 years or so to build new models of success and sustainability - my heartfelt thanks. To all those who have let us help them take those new models, technologies, innovation and thought leadership into their workplaces - we thank you for your trust.

It's been a particularly challenging year for me personally with the death of 5 loved ones in 6 months including my mother and mother in law. I've never know so much loss and grief, but it's made me a better person - more compassionate, more understanding, even more gracious. It's helped me to refocus, to listen more intently to my heart and find the courage to break through my own barriers. My aim is to now use this, to offer even greater support to the marketplace - support that's a little more personal, one that gets to the heart of who we are, and how we can sustain ourselves as well as our businesses and our world.

We will take a short break between Christmas and New Year, reopening our doors Jan 2nd and delivering our first public program Jan 18 and 19th in Sydney - our two day MasterClass to help embolden, inspire and challenge the way you think about COMMUNICATING SUSTAINABILITY, building trust and engaging your stakeholders. We still have a few spots available, so hope you can join us.

pixelMay you all enjoy a great break - time with loved ones, time to celebrate, time to laugh, time to just be, reflect and recharge. Where ever you are, what ever you do and who ever you are with - I hope you make many new memories to cherish through 2018 and beyond. Love and blessings to all. Have fun. Travel safe!

Merry Christmas
Anne-Maree McInerney
MOSS Founder and CEO and MOSS + Office companion Tucker

Here's a few snippets from 2017 I thought were too good not to share.

1.  More than philanthropy SDGs are a $12 trillion opportunity for the private sector.
2.  326 companies have now set science-based targets for climate action.
3.  There are now 68 partner exchanges on the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative.
4.  The GRI sustainability disclosure database now contains 45,587 reports.
5.  In 2017 43 countries presented Voluntary National Reviews to the UN on their progress with SDGs.
6.  China became the undisputed renewable growth leader.
7.  Some GBP 15bn in assets was shifted away from coal.
8.  Impact investment assets reached over $114bn.

pixelThe Canada and the UK have joined with 25 other nations and regional states to launch a new global alliance aimed at phasing out coal-fired power and weaning the world off the most carbon intensive form of electricity generation. Global investments in new renewable power now significantly surpass those in new coal-fired electricity, and clean growth represents an opportunity worth /> trillions of dollars.

pixelStinky Waste Products Become Solutions for Pressing Environmental Problems. What do sulfur and urine have in common? Scientists and designers have uncovered new ways to transform the two smelly substances into smart solutions  to tackle pressing environmental problems. There's hardly a waste product on earth these days you can't find a useful application for.

pixelFuture Proof for 2020: Do You Have the Top 5 Sustainability Skills to Survive? Last year, the World Economic Forum produced a report on the Future of Jobs in which they outlined the 10 skills we'll all be needing by 2020.  What do these projections mean for the sustainability jobs market. How can sustainability professionals be 2020-ready? How can organizations future-proof their hiring strategies? How prepared are you and your organization?

pixelUK Photographer Ashley Cooper spent thirteen years travelling to every continent on the planet to document the impacts of climate change and the rise of renewable energy. He's now compiled it into a book with 500 of the best images from his epic journey. Images From a Warming Planet is out now.

The book has just won a Gold, Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice. The author is currently raising the funds to send a copy of the book to every world leader and every member of parliament in the UK. Now that's an educational campaign they won't be able to ignore. Get your copy now to support his campaign!  

Good luck Ashley!

pixelLessons from China's industrial symbiosis leadership. Industrial symbiosis is a central part of a circular economy, a model in which resources and energy are recycled and recovered instead of moving linearly from extraction to disposal. China is among the only nations in the world with a formal circular economy policy that breaks down theoretical circular economy concepts into concrete policy measures. Learn more...

pixelCeremona Italy makes the circular economy real for cities. Cremona, a tidy city of 72,000 is part of a much larger and very forward-looking local policy on waste management that seeks to reduce what residents throw away and increase what gets reused and recycled. Cremona has become a European test ground for new ideas to promote a "circular economy" a concept that seeks to reduce waste and extend the useful life of resources.

pixelMSC Celebrates 20 Years, Looks Ahead to the Future with New Targets, Consumer Campaign. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has released a special edition of its Annual Report describing two decades of driving change on the water. More than 400 fisheries, landing 14 percent of global marine catch by volume, are now engaged in the MSC program.  Our oceans remain under enormous pressure. While there is no silver bullet, we know that credible market-based programs like the MSC have an important role to play in the solution.

If this newsletter has inspired you, given you a new insight or simply given you hope for the future - then let us know. It helps to know that what we are doing makes a difference.  

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