pixel MOSS at the UNFCCC in Cancun

As I head out the door for the UNFCCC climate talks in Cancun - Mexico, I would like to share a few thoughts.

1. Although we won't have a global agreement signed off in Cancun, don't be surprised by what business and sub national governments agree and take action on. Did you know there were 154 climate change policies agreed in Copenhagen and dozens of business deals that have now transpired into new entrepreneurial business to address climate change? You have to be on the ground at these events to know where the real action takes place.

2. If you want to be kept informed on news from COP 16, I won't be doing a daily update - I'll leave that to the likes of Giles Parkinson who does it with so much more finesse and humour than I could ever do. Giles is on the ground in Cancun with Climate Spectator - a free daily Australian enewsletter. You can subscribe at http://www.climatespectator.com.au/ Live on demand webcasts of official proceedings and media conferences are also available at http://unfccc.int/2860.php

3. I'll provide a summary upon my return and run briefings early next year when everyone is back from Holidays. Don't forget if you want board room briefings, we will be conducting these around the country. Email me at amh@moss.org.au to book one in.

The big events for me this year are the World Climate Summit a business and finance conference accelerating solutions to climate change during the UNFCCC COP 16. This conference is a new open and collaborative platform where the most inspiring, influential and innovative business, finance, and government leaders convene to collaborate, implement, and scale solutions locally and globally, during the next 10 years. Speakers range from Lord Stern, Sir Richard Branson and Ted Turner to Chairmen and CEO's from multinational organisation such as Duke Energy, Coca-Cola, Dow, Avon and WWF. It's interesting to note The Carbon Trade Exchange will be the only Australian sponsor of the event. This event will be webcast free of charge - so join in from where ever you are this weekend.

Green Solutions seeks to create a setting which encourages the exchange of ideas and showcasing of leading private sector efforts in climate change mitigation, particularly in the fields of trade, investment and technological development. MOSS along with Australia's Carbon Trade Exchange will be speaking at this event.

The Climate Leaders Summit run by the Climate Group will focus on Climate Action in China. It will focus on initiatives and actions leaders are taking to bring about a ?Clean Revolution' - one that will create economic growth, jobs and secure a smarter, more prosperous future for all.

4. If you are looking for a government view on negotiations in Cancun, Minister Combet yesterday delivered a great presentation to ANU on the issues Australia and world governments are emersed in. It's worth a read We look forward to meeting with the Minister in Cancun next week.

Enjoy tracking the antics from Cancun. I look forward to sharing our learning's upon our return and to helping business realise the many benefits from being part of the dynamic green economy.  Please note our office will be closed from this afternoon Wed 1st December and will re-open again Monday 13 December.  We will address all non urgent matters upon our return.

Best regards
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder and CEO MOSS

About MOSS: Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) is an Australian based not for profit industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. For more than a decade, MOSS has provided innovation, education, training tools and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success. Now the final piece of the puzzle has been brought to the table of project funding - so the trio of innovation, education and investment is now available to transition society to a low carbon future. For more information refer: www.moss.org.au

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