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There is no doubt Australians are disheartened by the lack of vision and leadership by the two major political parties. Rampant dissatisfaction has resulted in a swing away from the major parties and citizens are calling on politicians to go beyond personal differences to collaborate for the good of mankind, the economy and the environment. They want appropriate, responsible bi-partisian approaches to matters such as climate change, people smuggling and a sustainable population - but are our leaders capable of it?

What must the rest of the world be saying about Australia right now? Some of them must be laughing all the way to the bank as they get on with the business of building a green economy using Australian innovation and technology. Others are laughing hysterically as the satirists take the Mickey out of us. Check out how Taiwanese TV animated their views (which is pretty spot on) of our election.

We could still have several weeks of uncertainly - heaven forbid even another election. Whilst politicians fight out who gets to hold the purse strings and dib out to the loudest lobby group - I hope and pray our local and state governments and corporate citizens can get on the with job of leading our great nation to success - thriving (not just surviving) as we race to build a green economy.

There is no question the Green Race is on between countries to transform to low-carbon economies and become the leading suppliers of resource-efficient technologies and solutions. And whilst Australian political parties continue to debate policy and the science (not sure what Tony Abbot believes this week), the rest of the world is building competences and scale.

China and India are aggressively moving in this direction. The European Union and Japan have already embarked on a green path. If Obama has his way, he'll lead the US in the same direction. Key transformations will be needed in the areas of energy, transport, urban infrastructure, food and water - and because of the overlap of agendas, we will need systems solutions mobilizing financial and human capital.

If your organisation is keen to play a part in building a green economy in Australia or if you have products and services you'd like to promote to countries who have already moved on, talk to us. We have two major initiatives you may like to get involved with. One here in Australia, the other being the World Climate Summit in Cancun, as part of the UNFCCC. So pick up the phone and talk to us about how you can get involved.

I strongly doubt we will have a global post Kyoto agreement announced this year, however sub national governments, global fund managers, sustainability leaders and innovators will be cross fertilizing ideas and getting on with the job at Cancun. So, if you'd like to be part of Australia's business delegation to the UNFCCC, download and send us your expression of interest today.

Until next edition - enjoy the new life that comes with spring!
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder & CEO MOSS

MOSS : News

Australian companies invited to showcase at World Climate Summit - the largest business conference held during COP 16, in Cancun, Mexico this December. This exclusive event will convene the most inspiring, influential and innovative business, finance, and government leaders to accelerate economic solutions to climate change. MOSS are supporting this event and invite Australian companies to participate. Download the program here and either call or email MOSS for details on how you can exhibit and promote your products and services to the global carbon market.  

Think tank tracks Copenhagen climate aid pledges. The World Resources Institute has a created a great online tool that allows interested partied track climate aid pledges stemming from last year's Copenhagen climate conference.More...

National Carbon Offset Standard is now Law. Companies claiming carbon neutrality should stick to this framework to avoid reprimand from the ACCC under the new Australian Consumer Law (part of the Trade Practices Act). More...

Where the Quality and Sustainability Movements Converge. Paul Baier from ClimateBiz suggests for those who lived through the "Quality" movement during the 1980s and 1990s, the similarities with the sustainability movement are striking.Read More...

Climate Spectator delivers industry news. Want a news service that seeks to cover not just the science and politics of climate change, but also the key business parameters: the massive flows of investment expected in coming years, the changing business models, the new technology, and the creation of new markets and investment propositions. Check out Climate Spectator. They have a great story today on the success & learning's from the IPCC. Well done Giles!

Nominate now for the print media, television and radio Human Rights Awards. Reporting on human rights issues in the media in an accurate, fair and thought provoking way is a challenging and complex task which the Australian Human Rights Commission recognises each year in its annual Human Rights Medals and Awards celebration. Entries close Oct 4 Read  More...


8 Firms Chosen to Spearhead Global Building Efficiency Project. 3M, Cleveland Clinic, Dow Chemical, Grubb & Ellis, Marriott International, Nissan, Target Corporation and Walmart will take part in the the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership to speed efficiency improvements in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. More...

CDP develops new Carbon Strategy Indices with FTSE Group and Ends Carbon. The FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series has now launched in response to growing awareness of the significant potential impact of climate change on investment returns. This is the first index series to offer a long term forward-looking investment tool that closely tracks established UK benchmarks while supporting the reduction of climate change risks across investment portfolios. Read More...

IMF Cancels Haiti Debt. The International Monetary Fund has cancelled Haiti's debt and approved a new three-year program to support reconstruction and economic growth. Read More...

Walmart Releases Its Roadmap to GHG Accounting. Walmart released a guidance document this week that details how it will count the emissions reductions toward the retailers goal of squeezing 20 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from its Read on...

Supply Chain Sustainability Score Cards get tick for transparency and ease of implementation. P&G joins Walmart and other large companies in implementing supplier sustainability scorecards programs. Similar to the Walmart Supplier Sustainability Assessment program, which is centered on 15 questions, the P&G program is clear and simple. Both initiatives focus on carbon, water, and waste and offer clear scores and performance expectations for suppliers. Sustainability executives should expect more data requests in coming years from their top customers as other large companies implement similar programs. Read More...

Emissions grading on US cars? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation proposed on Monday that fuel economy labels on the windows of new cars in showrooms compare both mileage and emissions of gases blamed for global warming. They said the new labels, which they hope will start with the 2012 model year, would give consumers more information about the monetary -- and environmental -- costs of running their vehicles. ...More

First Tokyo carbon credits trade for $142/tonne. The first carbon credits in Tokyo's new cap-and-trade scheme traded on Monday for 12,000 yen ($142.2) per tonne, well above market rates for units of the climate-warming gas. ...More

Russia submits 1st Kyoto CO2 offset project to U.N. LONDON (Reuters) - Russia has submitted its first clean energy project to a U.N. climate panel for registration to earn carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nations' Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) said on Monday....Read on

China emissions trading scheme to start with power sector. China's massive power sector is likely to be the first to push ahead with a pilot emissions market, the official China Power News said on Wednesday. ...More

New Zealand Emissions Trading forcing Horticulture to innovate. Last month I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Hortitude - the NZ Horticultural Annual Conference and I was delighted to see how NZ F&V are innovating. They even have carbon neutral Lettuce! Learn more about Fresh Cuts and download my presentation here.

Rio Tinto & Conservation Group Join Forces. One of the largest global environmental organisations has entered into a formal collaborative agreement with mining giant Rio Tinto. Read More...

CDP develops new Carbon Strategy Indices with FTSE Group and Ends Carbon. The FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series has now launched in response to growing awareness of the significant potential impact of climate change on investment returns. This is the first index series to offer a long term forward-looking investment tool that closely tracks established benchmarks while supporting the reduction of climate change risks across investment portfolios. Read More...

Pee power to the people! The world's first urine-powered fuel cells has been created by turning pee into electricity and clean water. on...

Telepresence reduces emissions whilst bringing financial savings. CDP recently commissioned a new study, The Telepresence Revolution, which explores the environmental benefits and financial savings from using telepresence technology as a substitute for physical travel. Download the report here.

Congratulations to the 2010 Green Globe Award winners! Winners were announced last month at a gala ceremony hosted by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change at NSW Parliament House. Read all about them Special congrats to MOSS members Republic of Everyone for their Media Excellence in Sustainability Communication Award for The Garage Sale Trail.  Great job also on the Greens Ad for the Gruen Transfer!

MOSS : Views

Climate Sceptic Changes his tune. With his new book soon to be released, Danish scientist Bjørn Lomborg has become an unlikely advocate for huge investment in fighting global warming. Lomborg will call for tens of billions of dollars a year to be invested in tackling climate change. In a Guardian interview, he said he would finance investment through a tax on carbon emissions that would also raise $50bn to mitigate the effect of climate change. His declaration about the importance of action on climate change comes at a crucial point in the debate. Read on...

Interesting insights into sustainability in business today. Many major brand owners are struggling to place sustainability at the heart of corporate strategy, despite the fact it is reshaping consumer preferences, innovation and manufacturing. Deloitte interviewed 48 senior executives from the FMCG, automotive, telecoms and technology sectors. The panel agreed there was a "clear alignment" between sustainability and business aims.More...

Does Sustainability Without Compliance Exist? Discover the major drivers of investment in sustainability beyond compliance. Learn from Georgia Pacific and Groom Energy how to leverage environmental data to achieve compliance excellence. Download a free webinar here

Change the Face of AIDS - Bill Gates. US Philanthropist Bill Gates says the world has a historic opportunity to change the face of AIDS with the use of new funding models. Read More...

Green energy jobs could be the key to escaping the current economic downturn in the UK. Maybe a few Australian politicians should take heed. More...

Sustainable Consumption: Opportunity or Oxymoron. Consuming smarter goes only so far. We also have to consume less of just about everything, and that bumps up squarely against the business imperative, which is to sell more of just about everything. Read more... Download the report here.

MOSS : Reports

Business and Ecosystems - Ecosystem Challenges and Business Implications warns that companies must transform business models and operations if they are to avoid major economic losses caused by the current degradation of ecosystems and the vital services they provide.Read on...

Business and Development. What are the links between business and development? And what is the business role and opportunity in addressing sustainability challenges of developing countries and emerging economies? These are the key questions addressed in this WBCSD report. More...

GRI and CDP coordinate on reporting guidelines. CDP and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have published a document explaining the similarities and differences between the GRI's Reporting Guidelines and CDP's 2010 Questionnaire, including the supplier module. This document outlines how reporters can efficiently use or adapt the same data in both reporting processes. Download it here.

Resources for a New Era. The 2010 Global Leaders Summit launched a wide range of new resources (Assessments, Principles, Tools & Guidance, Best Practices). More...

CR Reporting Global Winners and Reporting Trends. We note we omitted this report last edition and because many organizations are still looking to commence reporting and are constantly questioning what make a good report, we've listed it this month. Enjoy...

UN Global Compact, Accenture Release Findings of Largest CEO Research Study on Corporate Sustainability.  Chief executives believe overwhelmingly that sustainability has become critical to their success, and could be fully embedded into core business within ten years.  A must read report...

Collaboration at its best. When President Clinton left office, he recognised he was truly been blessed with an improbable, wonderful life, and wanted to spend the rest of it doing whatever he could to help empower other people, in America and around the world, to live their dreams. He started the Clinton Foundation with a commitment to find real solutions to big challenges, and to do it with government, business, and nongovernmental partners faster, cheaper, and better than any one sector. The results have been outstanding. Read all about it.

A new proposal for sustainability indicators published. A new approach to developing sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all corporate sectors has been put forward by a team of senior industry figures and academics. The proposals differ from previous KPI regimes in that they stress materiality. It is hoped it will enable firms to move from a compliance driven "disclosure" mindset to one of managing - and even competing on - sustainability issues. ...More
Don't just rely on our newsletter for Resources & Reports. To access hundreds of reports 24/7 from across the globe on everything from governance to sustainable development - see the MOSS Member Resource Centre.


The conference season is upon us and there are a plethorea of events over the coming weeks to choose from. Instead of competing, we've endorsed and are supporting a number of them and are passing on discounts to members and subscribers. So enjoy and know MOSS will be releasing details on a range of webinars (attend from your desk) shortly.

SustainAbility National Forum
7th September - Bayview on the Park, Melbourne

MOSS invites you to attend the SustainAbility National Forum showcasing leading edge business sustainability for a low $95 plus GST.  Professor John Thwaites (former Dept Premier of Victoria), will give a lively presentation on the Low Carbon Roadmap for Australia and the implications for business of the Federal Election along with an impressive line up of corporate speakers.
Download the full program here. Take this opportunity to access a wide range of speakers, gain some great ideas for your organisation and network with your peers in the sustainability sphere!

Tickets are exceptional value at $95 (plus GST) - so don't come alone, bring a professional colleague or client. Public transport is close by and some parking is available for $10 a day. For more information and registration refer: http://sites.google.com/a/sirfrt.com/sustainability-nf/

Health and Disaster Risk Reduction: Strengthening Health Systems for Resilient Communities
September 13-24, IIRR Yen Center in Silang, Cavite, Philippines

Download the full details here
Download the application form here This two-week course is designed for health practitioners and representatives of development organizations, non-government and government, engaged in promoting health and strengthening health systems to build resilient communities. It focuses on demonstrated models and strategies that aim to sustain efforts in community-health.

International Solar Cities Congress
14-19 September, Dezhou - China

Townsville City Council is now in the final stages of planning a Delegation to the 4th International Solar Cities Congress. Some 20-25 intrepid solar travellers from Townsville, Sydney, Czech Republic, USA and Beijing will make up the Townsville Delegation for all or part of the trip (especially the Congress itself). The Dezhou Solar City and the vision of Mr Huang Ming is a truly remarkable phenomenon.
Please refer to Dezhou and International Solar City Congress and International Solar Cities Initiative There is still time to join this delegation. Contact Greg Bruce, Townsville City on Greg.Bruce@townsville.qld.gov.au for more information.

Pacific Earth Charter Festival: Corporate and Global Governance Stream - Harvesting the Benefits
Friday 17 September - Brisbane

Celebrating the Earth Charter's 10 year anniversary, this forum will inspire and motivate business leaders and managers toward social responsibility in the face of global challenges confronting organisations. The forum has been organised with the support and guidance of the UN Global Compact Network Australia and the conference organisers - including the Asia Pacific Centre of Sustainable Enterprise and the UN Association of Queensland who have generously offered the Global Compact Network Australia members half price on the cost of registration ($50).
Click here for more details or for further information contact Rosemary Sainty at the UN Global Compact Network Australia on rsain@ethics.org.au

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Process Workshops
MELBOURNE: 23rd/24th September     SYDNEY: 14th/15th October
MOSS Members receive 10% discount if you book this week

Melbourne guest speakers include Melissa Clarkson, Manager, Sustainability and Climate Change, Transurban, Renee Hancock, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility, ANZ Bank and Mark Leopold, Strategic Marketing Director, ERM Australia & New Zealand. Sydney guest speakers include Katharine Walters, Principal, Banarra; Siobhan Toohill, General Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Stockland and Nina Collinson, Manager, Business Sustainability, IAG. The two day workshop provides a practical overview of the GRI sustainability reporting framework (world's best practice) and how to put together a sustainability report using the GRI's five phase process.

Specifically, you will learn:
- About the Global Reporting Initiative
- How to develop an action plan
- Innovative ways to engage stakeholders
- How to select and prioritise material issues
- About environmental, economic and social indicators
- How to manage the sustainability reporting process
- Tips and techniques to develop a comprehensive sustainability report
- How to plan for your organisation's sustainable future
Download the brochure here.
Download the registration form here.

Behaviour Change for Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability
11-12th October, Doltone House - Sydney
Early Bird closing Friday 10th September

MOSS is proud to support the exploration of systemic behavioural change strategy, with internationally acclaimed speakers including:
- Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Empathic Revolution and President, Foundation of Economic Trends (US)
- Paul Stern, Director of the Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change (CHDGC) at the National Research Council (US)
- Sam Graham-Felsen, Barak Obama's Chief Campaign Blogger (2008 Presidential Campaign)
Plus thought leading CEO's and behaviour change specialists from Australia.

Systemic behavioural change is essential if organisations and communities are to create a sustainable economic, social and environmental future.  This event brings together a diverse and passionate group of corporate leaders, policymakers, psychologists, social scientists, program implementers, and organisational experts to share practical ideas to :
- Explore the strategic challenges of behaviour change
- Consider behaviour change approaches 
- Test practical applications of behaviour change
- Develop links between behaviour change and other social change tools

This is not your usual conference. Prepare to be challenged and engaged.
For more information and registration refer: http://www.3pillarsnetwork.com.au/p3_Events-Resources.html?&event=63

That it's for this edition. Happy reading and may our elected officials find a way to move beyond difference and party politics for the good of all Australians!
Anne-Maree, Emilie and the MOSS News Views & Events Team

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