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Welcome to our 2nd edition edition of MOSS News Views and Events for 2010

March and April have flown by and I apologise for the lateness of our March April newsletter, but I wanted to ensure we included outcomes from the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn. We've also just moved office, so at least now I can provide you not only the latest news, but also our new contacts. So officially welcome to a somewhat belated but rather full News Views and Events for March April 2010.

Since our last newsletter, MOSS and our Copenhagen delegates have collectively delivered over 150 briefings to business and industry dispelling the myths of Copenhagen's complete failure, and inspiring business to take action. Action that will ultimately reduce costs, but more importantly ensure their survival, especially if they are part of an international supply chain.

Included in the briefings, was the MOSS launch into the New Zealand market, where PR agency Ideas Shop and Minter Ellison Rudd Watts hosted events in Auckland and Wellington. Our thanks to all including the media, business representatives, Ideas Shop and Minter Ellison Rudd Watts that made us so welcome. This is indeed the start of a much closer Trans Tasman relationship in terms of responsible business and sustainable development. NZ will now host many of the same activities that we run in Australia. We also aim to showcase best practice and leading technology together at the UNFCCC in Mexico and other major events around the world.

Before we get on with the news, I just want to pay my respects to the diggers and for what the ANZAC's have done to protect this country, and give us our never say die fighting spirit. The spirit of ANZAC, with its human qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity.

Lest we forget the ANZAC's and may the ANZAC spirit see us through to a successful outcome for future generations of Australians as we fight for one of the biggest battles the world has known - climate change.

I hope you enjoy a Dawn service and or spend some time reflecting about Anzac Day and what it means to you, your family and or community.

Best regards
Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder & CEO
Models of Success & Sustainability

Industry News

Copenhagen Accord now has commitments by all major parties.  Since the closing of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has received over 110 submissions including national pledges to cut or limit emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 from 75 Parties, which together account for more than 80% per cent of global emissions from energy use. These include all the biggest polluters US, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, the European Union and Australia.

Negotiations continued in Bonn Germany earlier this month, when more than 1700 participants representing governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, academia, the private sector and the media attended the first round of climate change negotiation since COP 15. The parties have agreed on additional dates to continue negotiations in the hope of details being finalised at COP 16 in Mexico in December. They have also agreed to a review year, all taking us a step closer to a global legally binding agreement.[unrecognized beecos tag: {link http://unfccc.int/2860.php More...}]  If you missed our COP 15 Briefings, or would like MOSS to provide your organisation with a briefing, please call or email us at info@moss.org.au

Where does all this leave business? Here's a few views worth considering.
Andrea Deuchrass of the NZ National Business Review reports on NZ's MOSS briefings Peter Neilson Chief Executive NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development shares his thoughts. Jochen Hauff, Global Sustainability Program Manager AT Kearney also shares his thoughts and we take a look at the World Business Council for Sustainable Developments Annual Report The Green Race is On It pretty well sums it up - "Sustainability is now the key driver of innovation, and the sustainability performance of a company is a measure of its management quality. Combining these company drivers with government support for green innovation and knowledge becomes a powerful business case and stimulus for the green race. Business' time has come. It is up to business leaders to make the most of it".

Also review the speech provided by outgoing UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer last week here.

Building on the Success of CDM and JI. The success of the mechanisms such as CDM and JI suggests an expanded role for these market-based approaches in the international response to climate change post the Kyoto commitment period.Read on..

CSR Standard - ISO 26000 update. The new ISO 26000 is closer to release having just passed another important development stage with confirmation that support by ISO's national members and by participating liaison organizations is strong enough for it to be progressed to a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). This is the final stage in the development of an ISO standard before it is published as a fully fledged ISO International Standard. Read more or download the brochure here.

859 more companies delisted for failure to communicate on progress. The UN Global Compact has long been a target of criticism for giving companies too easy a ride. The term "Bluewashing" was coined to describe companies who sign up to the principles (and so could claim membership of a prestigious United Nations initiative) but who then do nothing else. They recently delisted 859 companies (including several Australian companies) for failure to communicate on progress making a total of 1840 companies now delisted. Read on...

Cisco's Packaging Diet Saves them $24 Million a Year. Green Biz shares the Cisco success story here.

Looking to reduce your emissions through carbon neutral printing? Check this out. A great offer and terrific leadership from Australian Printer Focus Press. Well done Focus Press!

GE tops Global 100. Launched in 2005, the annual Global 100 announced each year during the World Economic Forum in Davos is a project initiated by Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism to highlight the global corporations which have been most proactive in managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Congratulations to the 9 Australian companies Westpac, IAG, Stockland, GPT Group, Bluescope Steel, Origina, Boral, Sis Metal and Dexus Property Group who made the list...Read the full list here

Newsweek announces HP as top US Green Company. See the leaders and the laggards in Newsweek's top 500 list here.

Winners of WA Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Awards announced. Carnegie Wave Energy Limited; Horizon Power; Dept of Treasury & finance (Building Management and Works); Landfill Gas and Power; SunPower Corp; Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Director, Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence all winners of the recent WA SEA inaugural Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Awards. More...

Households will get fixed price of $40 per megawatt hour of electricity produced to supplement large scale renewable energy projects. From 1 January 2011 the Renewable Energy Target, which guarantees 20 per cent of Australia's energy in 2020 will come from renewable sources, will include two parts - the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) and the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET). The LRET, covering large-scale renewable energy projects like wind farms, commercial solar and geothermal, will deliver the vast majority of the 2020 target. This will free these projects from uncertainties that may have been caused by strong demand for small-scale renewable technologies. The SRES will cover small-scale technologies such as solar panels and solar hot water systems and deliver the remainder of the target. It will provide a fixed price of $40 per megawatt hour of electricity produced, providing direct support for households that take action to reduce emissions.  More...

Walmart pledges to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - from their global supply chain by the end of 2015. That is 150 percent of their company's estimated global carbon footprint growth over the next 5 years. If rumours are true that they are looking to open in Australia, Australians suppliers will struggle to address Walmart's Sustainable Product Index. More...

M&S to extend Plan A' with 80 new sustainability commitments. Marks & Spencer, one of the largest UK based retailers recently made 80 new ethical and environmental pledges to its Plan A and committed to begin implementing them within the next five years. It also aims to be the world's most sustainable retailer by 2015. Read more... It once again puts the spot light on what Australian retailers are NOT doing! 

IKEA moves into Sustainable housing. Swedish furniture brand IKEA has launched a subsidiary dedicated to the promotion of sustainable, energy efficient homes. Read more...

New online network launched to protect Indigenous human rights. A new website just launched will bring together human rights advocates in an online network to share advice and best practice, and provide a one-stop-shop for information on international human rights treaties relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read more...

Meet a couple of new members

MOSS supports Australian business through education, training, networking and advise to drive sustainability and competitive business success. Let's meet a couple of our newest members:

Marian Gruber - ZOOiD. Melb based ZOOiD helps organisations to effectively report, market and communicate sustainability driven activities, both within and outside your organisation. They are the first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Partner in Australia and New Zealand, strengthening their capability to offer in-depth and practical sustainability expertise.

Alasdair Start - AIM NSW. The Australian Institute of Management is Australia's leading management association with over 30,000 individuals and 3,500 organisations as Members. For over 60 years, AIM has been providing managers and the business community with access to a unique and comprehensive range of services including education and training, speaker events, seminars, forums, a renowned bookshop and library, publications, online databases and resources.

Steve Drury - SDCom. Sydney based SDCom work in communication strategy, corporate culture, reputation and social engagement. The projects and campaigns they lead, engage companies and brands with their collaborators, influencers, advocates and their markets. Their skills lie in brand management, corporate & media relations, partnership development, project leadership, forums and events.

For further information on these and other members - refer to our Member Directory.
MOSS relies on membership and event registration to allow us to do the extensive work we do. So if you are not currently a member, join today. The benefits including access to our Resource Centre are very beneficial.  Membership also gives you a chance to support and grow your industry.

Industry Reports

MOSS Aids industry reporting. It's great to see so many organisations now in their 10th year of reporting. For some however, they are still trying to work out where to get started. In an effort to aid already established organisations and those just starting out to collect, view, benchmark and report their CSR or triple bottom line metrics and knowledge, MOSS in association with Vision CSR are in the midst of putting the finishing touches to a new software tool that will provide business intelligence for CSR. If you or your organisation might be interested in participating in our pilot, please give us a call on 03 987 99 886 / 0419 798 104 or email us at info@moss.org.au for more information.

How companies manage sustainability: McKinsey Global Survey results.  Most companies are not actively managing sustainability, even though executives think it's important to a variety of corporate activities. Those that do are reaping benefits for themselves and for society. Read on

Climate Change Risks to the Australias Coast identifies up to 247,000 residential buildings across all states, at a value of $63 billion, at risk of being inundated or eroded this Century. In addition there are the risks to public infrastructure and businesses as well as adverse impacts on treasured environmental values and amenity facilities that have not yet been quantified...

From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Best Business Practices in Energy Efficiency.  This report by the Pew Centre developed over the last two years, documents leading-edge energy efficiency strategies, describes best practices, and provides guidance and resources for businesses seeking to reduce energy use in their internal operations, supply chains, and products and services. It's a must read for anyone trying to build the business case for action on energy efficiency. Read on.

The world could create 19.5 million "green" jobs in the coming decade - more than half in India alone - if countries adopt clean energy and climate change policies, a new report has found. Read on...

CSIRO sets the (Temperature) record straight. Head of the CSIRO Dr. Megan Clark came out last month reaffirming the science of climate change refer http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2010/s2845580.htm The Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO has also released an updated report The State of the Climate.
CSIRO's Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) Final Report.  SCI brought together participants from across the public, private, civil society and research sectors, to work in partnership with communities, to develop and deliver responses to local sustainability issues over the last three years. The SCI's approach combined cross-sector partnering models, with systems thinking and action learning in order to deliver outcomes for communities, benefits for partners and insights for policy makers. The final report is now available

The Bacardi Limited 2009 CR Report is published at: http://www.reportalert.info/ra/profiles/Bacardi/2010/?ID=29728

For the tenth year running the sporting goods company adidas Group has published a report on its efforts to be a sustainable business. Refer http://www.reportalert.info/ra/profiles/adidas/2010/?ID=29828

For the tenth year in a row, ING has published the report "ING in Society", which provides an overview of company environmental, social and ethical performance, and sets out goals and ambitions for the future. Refer http://www.reportalert.info/ra/profiles/ING/2010/?ID=30304

Novo Nordisk manages its business using the Triple Bottom Line principle to ensure that decision-making balances profitability with long-term societal interests. The integrated Annual Report 2009 http://www.reportalert.info/ra/profiles/NovoNordisk/2010/?ID=29576 seeks to meet the information needs of all stakeholders.

Industry Views

Marks & Spencer's head of sustainable business Mike Barry
talks to Ethical Corporation's Toby about the challenges of consumer engagement, supply chain ethics, and the new opportunities for growth and risk management presented by corporate responsibility. Marks & Spencer will be represented at Ethical Corporation's 4th Annual Climate Change Summit 8-9 June 2010 in London. More...

Sustainable packaging is on the rise, reports the Green Economy Post. "Companies continue to face growing pressure from consumers, government and the media to make their operations and products more sustainable. One area that companies are increasingly focusing on is sustainable packaging. More...

Research finds many blue chip firms fail to call in auditors to validate environmental claims.  The way that FTSE 350 companies report their carbon emissions is patchy, inconsistent and lacks credibility, according to government-backed research from consultancy Smart Sustainability according to Business Green. More...

Sustainable Packaging on the rise. Sustainable packaging is becoming a fact of life for companies that seek to remain competitive. Companies employing sustainable packaging report cost savings, improved environmental footprints, brand image and company reputation among other benefits. Those businesses that take the lead now will be ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits in the future. The Green Economy Post shares its views...

Dr Gianni Zappala Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW delivers his thoughts on the Spiritual turn and the rise of conscious business Beyond Corporate Responsibility

La Trobe University Graduate School of Management's presents Wayne Visser on the Future of CSR.  Dr Visser recognises that the area of CSR had come a long way since the 70s but argues that a critical approach to CSR is needed to move it beyond standards towards a more inclusive stage of CSR, a stage he call CSR 2.0. Read on and download the podcast

Green Economy - what it is and why we need it. Sustainability Forum says a green economy can be sufficient, sustainable, and even wealthy, but it cannot be a growth-based economy. it?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Sustainabilityforumcom-news+%28SustainabilityForum.com+News%29 Read on...

We cannot consume our way out of the climate crisis. It's easy to jeer at the climate deniers for their obtuseness and fantastic theories, writes Clive Hamilton. But aren't we all, by one means or another, denying the reality of a warming world, he wonders? Read on...

It's no bull. Even Spanish companies are waking up to climate change. Zaragoza based Fundaci Ecology Desarrollo (ecology and development foundation) recently analyzed the stance of 26 companies across five sectors in Spain. It was no surprise that all of the companies analyzed showed significant improvements compared to the same study the previous year. Read on...

Sustainable Fisheries. Will it just inflate prices or truly save our supplies? In recent months, one retailer after another in the North American market has announced that it is working with an NGO or aquarium to "audit" its supplies and develop sustainable seafood strategies. (Let's hope this soon happens in Australia too). Moving further into 2010, suppliers can expect to see increased customer demand for sustainable seafood. Will that demand translate into a simplistic pursuit of already "green" fisheries, bid prices up, and ultimately make sustainability too expensive for most? Or will it translate into recognition and reward for suppliers and fisheries that are reversing overfishing and bringing more sustainable fish to market as a result? Jim Cannon of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership shares his views.

Industry Events

MOSS Events
Late last year MOSS launched a revolutionary new training and cultural audit tool that will assist organisations better tackle the issues of sustainability, engage with their stakeholders and bring to life policy and strategy in a fun engaging way that can enhance the bottom line. The tool is called the Sustainability Challenge.
Whether you are about to start the sustainability journey, wish to undertake stakeholder engagement, educate staff, suppliers and or the community about sustainability and improved environmental performance or have policy and are aiming to change culture and embed sustainability into DNA - the Sustainability Challenge can assist you achieve your goals.

Breakfast events will be held in cities across Australia over the coming months to demonstrate the many and varied aspects of the tool from its audit and discussion starter through to its strategic planning mechanism. The first events are to be held in Sydney on Wednesday and Melbourne on Thursday. Download the details here.

Other Events
To celebrate Earth Day, the Ritz Cinema, Randwick (Sydney) presents A Billion Acts of Green - a special showing of two films: The Future Makers & The Mechanicals Wednesday 21 April 6pm. Download the details here.

1pm - 2.30pm Thursday April 22
@ Union Hall, La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus. Speakers include: RAIMOND GAITA Professor of Philosophy, King's College, London and ACU; Author Romulus My Father & A Common Humanity; MARILYN LAKE Professor of History, La Trobe University; Co-Author, Drawing the Global Colour Line & Creating A Nation; GHASSAN HAGE, Professor of Anthropology and Social Theory, University of Melbourne; Author, White Nation; ANDREW MARKUS Professor of Jewish Civilisation, Monash University; Author, Race: John Howard and the Remaking of Australia CHAIR: PHILLIP ADAMS Presenter ABC Radio National, Late Night Live; Columnist, The Australian. ALL WELCOME. No RSVP required.

Box Hill Green Jobs Expo April 23
The CSIRO predicts that 2.7 million new jobs will be created in Australia by 2025 if we become carbon neutral by 2050. Many will be Green jobs. But what is a "Green job" and what skills do you need to get one? Download the details here.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Process workshops
Melbourne                        Sydney

May 13 & 14                       August 19 & 20
July 22 & 23                       October 14 & 15
September 23 & 24
Click here for further information and a brochure.

That's about it for another edition of MOSS News Views and Events. We hope you find it enlightening and informative. Feel free to share it with colleagues and clients and if you have news you think is worth sharing, don't forget to email us at news@moss.org.au Or if you would like to see something new added, or just tell us you enjoyed reading this edition - we've love to hear from you.

We look forward to connecting again soon.  Please note our new contact details below.

Best regards
Anne-Maree and the MOSS News, Views and Events Team

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