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Happy New Financial Year and welcome to our Winter edition of MOSS News Views and Events.

As uncertainty looms over the CPRS until Parliament sits again in August, it was good news Thursday to learn that the government have agreed to cut the red tape for companies who are obliged to report data on their greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.   At present, some companies are required to provide the same or similar data to up to eight different agencies in different jurisdictions.  Thanks to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Streamlining Protocol this process will now be streamlined under an agreement between the Commonwealth, state and territory governments for a nationally consistent approach to greenhouse and energy reporting. 

And whilst talking about the CPRS and changes in reporting, our special thanks again to Minter Ellison Partners and staff right around the country who hosted our recent Sustainability Series (13 events in 5 cities over 3 months) and provided us the latest information on corporate obligations on such topics as NGERs, CPRS and the ACCC greenwashing guidelines.  Our thanks also to our many sponsors including Mercure and Focus Press and the dozen or so leadership, change management and corporate sustainability experts who shared the platform with Minter Ellison who also so willingly shared their knowledge and expertise with the industry.  It's been a fantastic series and a great means to engage and educate business right around the country.

Our next round of events addressing stakeholders' expectations of your corporate, social and environmental responsibility "WINNING TRUST AND CREDIBILITY" will be led by international CSR and sustainability experts Ian Heath and Jonathan Wootliff.  These two former civil society leaders who now advise major multinational corporations in Asia, Europe and the USA will be the facilitators for MOSS with events across the country in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra commencing 11th August.  We hope you can join us for these important events.

We also hope you can gain value from the information provided in this edition of MOSS News, Views and Events.  There's an abundance this month on the growth of the green economy and the latest reports on the phenomenal growth of the carbon markets.

Happy reading and good luck on your journey as we transition into a low carbon economy.

Anne-Maree Huxley
Founder & CEO MOSS

Industry News

G8 Climate talks this week could determine our fate
THE G8 summit of world leaders in Italy this week has turned into a high-risk gamble that will shape the success or failure of both the Copenhagen climate change conference and agreement on a global path out of the economic crisis. The Australian says...

Return for improving conditions in developing countries
A commitment to improving social and environmental conditions in the developing countries where a company operates is the key to maximizing the profits and growth of those operations according to a study of more than 200 companies. As a group, the companies most engaged in social and environmental sustainability are also the most profitable. Wall Street Journal says...

Clean energy jobs replace mining jobs
By the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, more than 25,000 jobs are expected to be created in renewable energy projects. More...

A Major Boost to Clean Energy 
The Clean Energy Initiative, a public-private investment partnership whereby the government would provide A$4.5 billion to fund clean-energy generation and low-emissions technologies is designed to support the growth of clean energy generation and new technologies, and to reduce carbon emissions and stimulate economic activity. Moreover...

Green overtakes polluters when it comes to employment
A new WWF study announced that green economic activities are overtaking polluting industries in terms of employment. The study provided evidence that climate-friendly policies and technologies made a positive contribution to the economy. Last year, green technology received a definitive boost in investment compared to their polluting counterparts. Employment seems to be reflecting this trend.  Refer here for more information.

49% greenhouse reduction - Sustainability Street Community 
The Sustainability Street Institute announced that a three-year evaluation of Sustainability Street Approach (SSA), by the Victoria University, has reported outstanding accomplishments by participants, both environmentally & socially. Environmentally, communities achieved robust waste and water reductions and, an incredible 30 - 40 % greenhouse gas reduction, with one particular community achieving 49%. More.

Griffith Business School Launches Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise
Business now involves a triple bottom-line, where people and planet are important, not just profit. Concerns over global warming, climate change and social injustice indicate how critical it is for business leaders to be prepared for this new environment. This program aims to create a new generation of business leaders who contribute to the creation of sustainable and inclusive markets by providing a framework for understanding the challenges and opportunities ahead. Students will learn how to manage business whilst creating a positive change in society through developing a better understanding of the role, dynamics and impact of corporations in the creation of social, environmental and economic value. Refer here for more information.  

Making the transition to sustainable living, one community at a time
Transition Towns movement, a global network of communities working towards sustainability at a grass-roots level, believes "If we wait for the governments, it'll be too little, too late. If we act as individuals, it'll be too little. But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time." So what can we individuals do to build a sustainable community?

All the leading international renewable energy organisations are now part of the REN Alliance after The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) joined the International Renewable Energy Alliance (REN Alliance), further unifying and strengthening the Alliance's voice for the renewable energy sector worldwide. Click.

THE FUTURE MAKERS documentary on Discovery Channel this month 
THE FUTURE MAKERS tells the story of key Australians leading the way on the world stage in renewable energy. Some are designing a future based on models in nature. Others are creating a sustainable energy model for a 21st C economy. People creating solutions that won't cost the earth. Directed by MOSS Member Maryella Hatfield, this documentary shows what's happening now to create a clean energy landscape for our future. See it on Discovery Tuesday 7 July at 9.30am, Thursday 9 July at 12.30pm, Sunday 12 July at 8.30am.

Industry Views

The ABC of Carbon: Issues and opportunities in the global climate change environment
"The ABC of Carbon" is an illustrated, alphabetical digest with an encyclopaedic approach to carbon and climate change. Ken Hickson has used his business knowledge, journalistic ability and enthusiasm for matters environmental to bring together in one place all the current thinking and action on what is acknowledged as the most pressing problem facing the earth now and for this century. Download to know more about The ABC of Carbon.

The impact of the GFC on corporate responsibility
Last week another event was held as part of the Next Big Question Project. Ursula Wynhoven-United Nations Global Compact; Rosemary Sainty-Head, UN Global Compact Focal Point for Australia; and Nick Chipman-Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers reviewed the impact of the current crisis on corporate responsibility. To listen to the views refer here.

Corporate governance: A need for fresh perspectives
Over the past six years, Business in the Community's CR Index has tracked attention by boards to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Know more about corporate governance by clicking here.

View how Robert Colman, editor of Green Business, thinks after attending the 22nd annual PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Forest and Paper Conference. Click here.

Baker & McKenzie's 16th Annual Environmental Law Conference Papers are now available. Bakers lawyers from around the world addressed topics as diverse as corporate sustainability strategies; climate change regulatory developments (particularly in the USA); energy efficiency law and policy developments; REACH and product stewardship, RoHS and WEEE; the global recession and its impact on environmental policies and enforcement; and corporate environmental reporting.
Refer http://www.bakernet.com/BakerNet/Practice/EnvironmentClimateChange/EnvironmentConference09.htm for papers. 

WBCSD's Stigson discusses potential for energy efficiency to solve climate, energy issues
The annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition, hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy, organizes a series of interviews and panel discussions about the challenges to, and potential of, energy efficiency. Interview with Bjorn Stigson, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, explains how government and industry can work together to expand and promote energy efficiency.
Watch Video Read Transcript

Recession is excuse for companies to ignore community conscience. Do you have the same thought as Richard Northedge does? Click here to read more...

See how Marcelle Holdaway, Director of Accounting for Life, leads us to the journey of sustainability and how she sees NGOs in working out sustainability. More...

Industry Reports

The World Bank releases State And Trends of The Carbon Market 2009. The overall carbon market continued to grow in 2008, reaching a total value transacted of about US$126 billion at the end of 2008, double its 2007 value.  Download here.

Ecosystem Marketplace and New Carbon Finance publishes Fortifying the Foundation: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009 to answer fundamental questions about the voluntary carbon markets such as transaction volumes, credit prices, project types, locations, and the motivations of buyers in this market. Download here.

Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World assembles evidence - quantitative, anecdotal, and conceptual for currently existing green jobs in key economic sectors (renewable energy, buildings and construction, transportation, basic industry, agriculture, and forestry) and presents estimates for future green employment. The pace of green job creation is likely to accelerate in the years ahead...more.

The Urgency for Carbon Management - Evaluating the Business Impact of Australia's New Climate Change Legislation by Viewlocity shares why carbon management is a critical undertaking for businesses, to understand GHG risks, to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment, and to be prepared for future national or regional regulations. More...

The report Investing in Sustainable Transport: Our clean, green transport future released by Australian Conservation Foundation suggests that our dependency on cars creates more congestion, results in poor health, kills more people and creates avoidable pollution. Building more roads is not the solution. The expected doubling in demand for private motorised transport in the next decade and forecast global decline of oil supplies will result in increasingly urgent problems. Download the full report here to know more how to build our clean, green transport future.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) recently released Electric Utilities Report 2009 - looking into how 110 of the world's largest publicly quoted electric utilities companies currently measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions. The report says...

IBM Institute for Business Value releases Toward transparency and sustainability - Building a new financial order. "If the industry is to deliver sustainable returns, it will have to embrace change. It will need to begin by working with regulators to build a financial system that is stable while still allowing for healthy innovation." Read on...

A WWF report reviews that there are More Jobs in the Wind Than Elsewhere. More people employed in Europe - 3.4 million in fact - in jobs directly related to renewable energy, sustainable transport and energy efficiency- related goods and services, than the 2.8 million employed in polluting industries, while a new study shows that a global network of 2.5 megawatt wind turbines sited away from urban centres would easily meet global electricity demands, even operating at just a fifth of its full capacity. View Full Report.

New BITC report says companies consistently participating in the CR Index outperform the FTSE 350 on total shareholder return 2002-2007 by between 3.3% and 7.7% per year. Download

Siemens publishes Sustainability Report 2008 Read more... 

Exxon Mobil Corporation publishes 2008 Corporate Citizenship Report More...

Friends Provident releases Corporate Responsibility Report 2008 

Royal Dutch Shell has recently released its 12th Sustainability Report 2008 Download here.

SAP has published the SAP 2008 Sustainability Report Download here.

Total, the world's fifth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company, has recently published its 2008 Environment and Society Report, entitled Our Corporate Responsibilities. Click to see more.

MOSS Events

WINNING TRUST AND CREDIBILITY Addressing Stakeholders' expectations of your corporate, social & environmental responsibility.

MOSS invites you to attend one of these limited-capacity events: SYDNEY 11 August - BRISBANE 13 August - CANBERRA 18 August - ADELAIDE 20 August - HOBART 24 August - MELBOURNE 26 August - PERTH 28 August

Never has the demand for responsible business been so great with confidence in the corporate world now at an all-time low. Join former Greenpeace International Director & Journalist Jonathan Wootliff and Sustainability Advisor Ian Heath for a one day workshop. They will share how to map and engage with stakeholders, how to identify and prioritise challenges and oportunities including licence to operate, reputation, supply chain, innovation, personnel recruitment and retention, mainstreaming CSR and developing a clear comprehensive and workable action plan - and much much more....

Download the brochure here.  Or register online today to gain great early bird discounts.

THE FUTURE MAKERS documentary on Discovery Channel July 2009
THE FUTURE MAKERS tells the story of key Australians leading the way on the world stage in renewable energy. Some are designing a future based on models in nature. Others are creating a sustainable energy model for a 21st C economy. People creating solutions that won't cost the earth.

Directed by MOSS Member Maryella Hatfield, this documentary shows what's happening now to create a clean energy landscape for our future. See it on Discovery

Tuesday 7 July at 9.30am
Thursday 9 July at 12.30pm
Sunday 12 July at 8.30am

DVD and training kit will soon be available for groups, organisations and corporates to stimulate lively discussion, debate and change proposals. For further info: dvd@thefuturemakers.com.au or refer www.thefuturemakers.com.au

CSR Drinks - Sydney
Martin Place Bar 6pm - 8.30pm last Tuesday of each month
CSR Drinks is an opportunity for all people with an interest or job in CR or sustainability. Join NSW MOSSketeers to network, socialise, exchange ideas, debate or just meet new friends.

For more information, contact Lauren Stern CSRdrinks@gmail.com or join the CSR Drinks Facebook group here.

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