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As we count down the days till governments meet at the UNFCCC and COP 21 in Paris, I thought it was opportune to look at some of the initiatives around climate action and sustainability innovation that's making waves - getting people talking, or better still - taking action!

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio donated $15m to conservation groups because he believes "The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore. We have a responsibility to innovate a future where the habitability of our planet does not come at the expense of those who inhabit it." Julia Roberts became Mother Earth in a short documentary by Climate International to remind us our actions will determine OUR FATE not hers. The earth is NOT at risk - we are.

The UN voted to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals which is expected to set the global development agenda for the next 15 years which was followed by an unprecedented address by the Pope where he asserted that the environment as well as humanity, has rights and called for a dramatic rethink of the relationship between people and the Earth.

1 Million Women developed an anthem from women for climate action and hope with Youre the Voice, and in the next few days people all around the world will march in climate rallies to show support for a transition to renewable energy, for secure job creation, for clean air, for a healthy environment and a safe climate.

At a local level, one of my favourites is the development of the worlds greenest T.Shirt. Most people are not aware a standard cotton tee uses 3000 litres of water to produce. Local Aussie company Kusaga Athletic has combined nature and technology to create four revolutionary plant-based fabrics designed to replace cotton and polyester. From their most sustainable fabric ECOLITE TM they have now developed The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet that uses less than 1% of the water of a standard cotton tee. Even better it's compostable and biodegradable.

This newsletter is full of innovation that will inspire you inform you in terms of conscious capitalism, CSR and new economy thinking and models - so enjoy. But before you do, let me ask - What is it you are doing? Are you achieving your goals? Are you fulfilled? Is there more you can or would like to do?

If you'd like to be more proactive and do more to advance sustainability and conscious capitalism in Australia, perhaps its time to join MOSS and support your business, industry and community to grow, evolve and prosper.

It's been almost 10 years to the day since I hosted Australia's first CSR Summit in Sydney. That Summit seeded MOSS and in the years that have followed, we've inspired and educated thousands of sustainability managers, academics, consultants and advisors. We've supported the development and or rollout of many new products and services that have gone on to win awards and accolades.

But we can't do any of this with out your support. We are not funded by government - we are a not for profit who rely on membership to support our work.  So this Christmas, will you consider giving a gift that keeps on giving and buy a MOSS membership for your company that provides an array of benefits? Alternatively provide us a donation to support our work?

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pixelWe look forward to you helping us, help you.

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Anne-Maree Huxley
Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) Founder and CEO

PS If you live in Sydney - this is your last chance to joining me for the final workshop of the year Dec 3 at Interface in Surry Hills How to Master the Art of Communicating Sustainability. 

Sustainability NEWS

pixelHere's a Christmas gift that won't cost the earth! Two Aussie dads with a love for the outdoors, have pioneered to produce the world's greenest T.Shirt. In a shake up of the textile industry, Graham Ross and Matthew Ashcroft have innovated to create a sporting apparel brand made from 100 percent plant based fabric that uses 99% less water other textiles like cotton. Be one of the first in the country to own the world's greenist Tee.

The State of Sustainable Business 2015. The State of Sustainable Business 2015 offers unique insights on how companies are implementing sustainability goals, strengthening business resilience, and contributing to global development and climate change agendas. Benefit from the perspectives of more than 400 experienced professionals representing the leading edge of sustainable business. 

pixelThe sad demise of Climate Spectator.  Climate Spectator, a one of a kind media platform for environmental issues has been cut by Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd. The Murdoch camp has sacrificed one of their most popular columnists in the Business Spectator stable and an important voice has been lost in a country where the majority of mainstream media expresses indifference to climate change.

pixelA guide to no food waste. Each year approximately one-third of ALL food produced in the world, is wasted, according to a recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Resource Institute. While this figure is shocking in a world of hunger and volatile food prices, it is also an opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and restaurants to salvage food and turn it into profit. The Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) has also released the 2015 Best Practises and Emerging Solutions Guide which offers examples and practical steps for manufacturers, retailers and restaurants to cut down food wastage.

pixelParis Climate Conference: Trouble for Big Coal.
To meet the target of no more that 2ºC of global warming, countries are going to need to ramp up their pledges following the Paris Climate Conference. This leaves big coal in Australia in big trouble and their campaigns on the "moral case" of mining have already began. Read More...

Blue and New Economy Innovation and Thought Leadership

pixelThe rising global demand for sustainable goods and services is a trillion-dollar opportunity that Australia can tap into. Airbnb, Intrepid Travel and Fairtrade are all companies that are capitalising on what is being called The Next Boom, and Australia has a once in a generation chance to become one of the world's leading producers of clean goods and services. Find out more...

pixelCoca-Cola, Apple, Dow see fertile ground for investing in natural capital. Corporate leaders investing in nature are future proofing their companies  and solving modern challenges with systems and designs found in nature. For example, instead of building a $40 million wastewater plant, Dow created a wetland that naturally filters water and saved the company millions.

pixelTapping into Nature: Wising up to water innovation. Water, which is essential to life, is also essential to many industrial processes, systems and energy technologies. Increasingly, the use of water is threatened by limited access and availability. Natural systems optimize the acquisition and use of water gathering diffuse flows of water vapor and water from varied sources.

pixelLess is more, but endless is most. Listen in on the conversation that changes the nature of design itself to one of reuse, recycle, and redesign. William McDonough talks about the redesigning of products to unlock their potential for infinite use.

pixelThe sharing economy: The next step for IKEA.
The Swedish housewares giant IKEA along with DIY retailer Kingfisher talk about incorporating elements of the sharing economy and servitization as a natural progression of their business model. Their aim is to trial alternative business models such as product hire and repair, which encourage a perpetual reuse of products and materials. Find out more...

pixelTapping into Nature: Bio-inspired innovation as economic engine. It is becoming increasingly clear that innovation and technological breakthroughs are not only keys to economic growth but also are necessary for human prosperity. The millions of materials and systems found in nature are a treasure trove of innovation, and companies can benefit by using these designs to reduce the time and costs associated with technology and product development. An excerpt from the Tapping into Nature report delves into the innovations of nature.

pixelThe Circular Economy: Cause for optimism in uncertain times. Although humanity is pushing our planet close to tipping point, having crossed four out of nine 'planetary boundaries', environmental scientist, Johan Rockström remains optimistic that the circular economy can bring us back within the boundaries of our planet. Find out how...

pixelFighting Pests With Sound Waves, Not Pesticides.
Researchers invent a device that uses acoustics to mimic the mating call of an insect devastating Florida's orange groves. With the possibility of crops building resistance to pesticides, farmers are looking for new ways to combat pests. Read on...

pixel'Social Plastic' Is Giving Value to Waste and Improving Lives Around the World. The total natural capital cost of plastic in the consumer goods industry is estimated to be more than $75B per year. The cost comes from a range of environmental impacts including the harm done by plastic litter to ocean wildlife and the loss of valuable resources. The Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that recycles plastic creates a win-win for the environment and polluted communities.

Industry VIEWS

pixelBusinesses and institutions are responsible for society, not just profits.

In this exclusive interview with former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and partner at EY, Professor Jan Peter Balkenende, speaks to Eco-Business about pursuing a responsible society and why values are central to running businesses.

pixelRecognising Leaders: An Interview with Sir Mark Moody-Stuart.

An interview with Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of the United Nations Global Compact (former Chair of Marks & Spencer), discusses the challenges and opportunities for business.

pixelCSR and Sustainability at McDonalds: Interview with Bob Langert.

Bob Langert is the Vice President of CSR and Sustainability at McDonalds, leading global sustainability efforts and working with McDonald's system to grow their business by making a positive difference in society. Read it here!

pixelInsights into Stakeholder Intelligence: Interview with Winnie Byanyima Executive Director of Oxfam International.

Read the interview with Winnie to gain insight on the value Oxfam puts on stakeholder intelligence to help build recognized leadership in an uncertain world.


People's Climate March Australia Nov 27-29
As a tangible sign to governments around the word who meet on Monday in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, you are invited to walk alongside millions of people in hundreds of major cities around the world to show support for a transition to renewable energy, for secure job creation, for clean air, for a healthy environment and a safe climate. Click here to find out when and where.

Master the Art of Communicating Sustainability.
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Sustainability is no longer a science problem, it's a communication problem. As a result of more than 10 years work by European Sustainability Leaders, a new sustainability story and how to tell it has emerged. Join us to learn the best practice global principles and a simple 4 step process to develop a sustainability narrative to enable you to effectively tell your story and enhance your stakeholder engagement. Get all the details here.

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