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Welcome to the Autumn edition of MOSS News, Views and Events.

pixelGood news for the Reefs. One of the world's leading investment banks is refusing to consider funding the expansion of a Queensland coal terminal in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, which would become the world's largest coal port.

pixelWA urged to vote for climate and health on Saturday. Voters in Western Australia are urged to consider the climate as they cast their vote in the Senate election on Saturday. The call comes from the national coalition of health groups, the Climate and Health Alliance(CAHA).

pixelParticipants at UN-backed summit commit to improve ocean health, secure food security. This summit wrapped up in the Netherlands with a set of concrete actions to turn around the health of the world's oceans and food security for millions by tackling key threats such as climate change, overfishing, habitat loss and pollution.

pixelUnilever expands sustainable living ambition. Unilever has announced a third year of good progress on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, and an intention to expand further its sustainable living ambition to bring about broader change on a global scale.

pixelTurning Old Into New with Reused Sustainable Fibers. One concept that is helping to promote sustainability in clothing production is the reuse of sustainable fibers. Products that can no longer be used in their present form are broken down and rewoven into "new" fiber. In many cases, the reused fiber is then blended with virgin sources before being carded to give the product more strength and resilience. Discover more...

pixelTurning greenhouse gases into practical plastic. US telecoms giant Sprint is to be one of the first companies to use AirCarbon technology - a new carbon-negative material made from greenhouse gas.

pixelThe Trillion Tonne Communiqué.  This Communiqué is a call from business for a policy response to the explicit scientific warnings of the risks posed by the continuing rise in atmospheric greenhouse gases. That response, driven by national actions, must be captured and enhanced through international cooperation, ideally through an ambitious, robust and equitable global deal.

pixelMoving Below Zero.Physics tells us that if we are to avoid very dangerous global warming of 2°C or more above pre-industrial levels, Australia and other countries need not only zero carbon technologies like solar and wind but also to go further, and employ carbon removal technologies Read more...

pixelRichard Edelman on how leaders can regain the public's trust. Trust in public institutions is at record lows-yet people want greater regulation of many industries. According to Edelman president and CEO Richard Edelman, that's because business leaders must do more to earn the public's respect. 

pixel2014 CR Index benchmarking reveals hot topics on corporate responsibility agenda. When Business in the Community (BITC) decided to raise the bar in its annual corporate responsibility rating, none of the 98 participants could meet the top five star ranking. But the recently released 2014 Corporate Responsibility Index did reveal six key trends among those companies leading the way in corporate responsibility.

pixelFighting for the Sustainable Consumer: A Conversation on Branding, Economic Growth, Risk & Value Propositions. Do consumers care about sustainability or the sustainable attributes of products and services? Would you book a "greener" hotel if the prices were comparative? Read more...

pixelSolar grid parity - why Australia leads the world. Australia is a standout, with Bernstein estimating savings of around 46 per cent for solar versus retail prices, thanks to its high electricity costs and its abundant sunshine.No other developed country comes close on the savings that rooftop solar PV offers households users in Australia. Read more...

pixelWater resources - A dry run for future water crises. Water once powered the industrialising world. Now it is essential for virtually everything we make - even iPhones need a good wash - and our nuclear power stations must be near the sea or large rivers for the cooling needed to keep the reactors under control.From droughts to floods, we are currently dealing with extreme weather, and business should prepare for worse to come, says Peter Knight.

pixelA conversation with the founder of the green building movement. A lot of people claim credit for launching the green building movement. And while it took a village to create the U.S. Green Building Council, the LEED rating system and their counterparts around the world, David Gottfried is the real deal. Read more...

pixelLeaked IPCC report warns of devastating rise of 4-5C.Global greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade were the "highest in human history", according to the world's leading scientific body for the assessment of climate change. Without further action, temperatures will increase by about 4 to 5C, compared with pre-industrial levels, it warns, a level that could reap devastating effects on the planet. Read more...



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