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Are you responsible for improving the performance of a facility, to drive down operational overheads and increase building optimisation in the areas of energy, water, waste, occupant productivity, space utilisation and communication, aligning your real estate strategy with your organisation's business objectives? If so, this event series is for you. But note - only 40 places available per location - so register your interest today.

High Performance Facilities Executive Forum presented by B2B Forums in association with MOSS and Global Green Tag, is a one day retreat to be held in SYDNEY Tuesday July 1st and MELBOURNE Tuesday August 26th where senior Real Estate, Facilities, Operations and Sustainability Executives collaborate to explore latest trends, innovations and economic solutions in building efficiency. This invitation only event convenes senior decision makers from Australia's leading corporations, cities and government entities who are committed to developing and applying initiatives which work towards Net Zero Facilities in Australia.

The Forum explores the most effective solutions in transforming the built environment showcasing latest and emerging technologies in energy, water and waste reduction and solutions to improve occupant health, productivity and communication. This unique event is designed to optimise the performance, resilience and economic efficiency of the Australian built environment and brings together solutions providers with senior stakeholders looking for partnerships to optimise efficiency within their building portfolios, to transform their buildings into High Performance Facilities.

The Forum is not a conference or an expo but more a private gathering of like-minded executives wishing to achieve a common goal. The event has a learning agenda and is designed to stimulate discussions and facilitate interactions between industry peers and solutions providers to help align your real estate strategy with your business objectives.

Selection Criteria
Each attending delegate is carefully selected through a pre-event screening process to ascertain they have an immediate requirement to seek information and forge strategic partnerships to help them achieve their objectives in building optimisation and efficiency.

What you get
Attending Delegates to the High Performance Facilities Executive Forum receive:
- One day Forum access pass which includes: Keynote / general sessions; Roundtables; Business Strategy Meetings
- Bespoke learning agenda tailored to your interests and requirements
- Opportunity to network at a Peer2Peer level with other industry executives
- Full catering for duration of event

What does it cost?
There is a one off registration fee of $180 plus GST to cover administration and pre-screening interview prior to selection approval. If you are selected the registration fee will be invoiced and is payable prior to the event.

Apply to attend
If YOU are charged with, and are responsible for maintaining and optimizing operational building efficiencies and are interested in seeking solutions to maximise the performance of your facilities, we'd like to hear from you right away! Call or email the Forum Convenor Peter Evans on 07 5593 5433 / 0416 014515 /peter.evans@b2bforums.com.au 

For further information on this important event, contact Peter Evans, Managing Director | Director - Event Production, b2bForums Pty Ltd T: 07 5593 5433 / 0416 014515 E: peter.evans@b2bforums.com.au W: www.b2bforums.com.au

We look forward to seeing you there.

Anne-Maree Huxley    David Baggs                Peter Evans
MOSS                          Global Green Tag        B2B Forums


About MOSS: Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) is Australia's industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Seeded as an initiative from Australia's inaugural CSR Summit in 2005, MOSS supports Australian business through education, training, networking, tools and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success. For more information refer: www.moss.org.au

About The Blue Economy: The Blue Economy (which incorporates the Circular Economy) is about doing business better. It's 100 zero waste innovations are set to generate 100m new jobs in 10 years. By using Blue Economy models, frameworks and principles, MOSS aims to enable a regenerative economy. We will teach the art of execution as well as the bioscience-based innovations that deliver radical systems efficiencies. 

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