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Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) is a new disruptive CleanTechnology that dramatically improves commercial Cooling Tower (CT) performance, reduces maintenance inputs and operating costs. The IVG-CT is a physical water treatment solution that optimises cooling tower performance. 


Cooling towers represent significant water use at commercial and industrial sites. It is estimated that billions of gallons of water could be saved annually by simply raising the Cycle of Concentration (COC) from 3.5 to 5. This presents a significant water savings opportunity globally as the IVG Cooling Tower Solution is proven to increase COC to 8 or 10 when supportered by nan-filtration.

When was the last time your cooling tower COS measured and what was it? How much can you save by increasing your COC?

 The key benefits delivered by the IVG-CT are:


  • Reduced water usage (Between 40 - 100%)
  • Reduced chemical usage (33% - 100%)
  • Increased energy savings (up to 14%)

  • Reduced operational and environmental costs
IVG-CT projects typically payback in under 3 years. A cross section of the diverse businesses gaining efficiency and savings from the IVG cooling tower technology include:

  • City of Hope Hospital - California
  • Westin Hotel -California
  • Heineken - Netherlands
  • Friesland Campina - Netherlands
  • Huntsman - Netherlands
  • Vitelco - Netherlands
  • Van Soest Coldstores - Belgium


How does Vortex Processing Technology work?

The IVG-CT is installed as a side stream water treatment process that uses a combination of physical treatment disciplines:

1. VPT hydrodynamic cavitation:
  • A controlled low-energy design
  • Lowers viscosity and lime concentration
  • Side stream pre-filtration of scale and other solids.

2. UV-C light microbiological control system and nano technology.

3. Integrated Monitoring and Control System with added chemical polishing if required.

Click this link to discover How Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) works


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About Vortex Process Technology (VPT)

Nature has been purifying water and making it better for growing things for aeons. Rivers do it all the time with whirlpools - more technically known as vortices. Vortex Process Technology (VPT) has become a known, controllable science being delivered in a range of productive, profitable commercial applications by Watreco in partnership with MOSS. 

In the same way that silicon chips power a range of computing devices, Watreco VPT products deliver a wide range of results depending on how and where they're used - in applications from fish farms to cooling towers to river recovery. 

Key deliverables of VPT include:
1) Increased water and energy efficiency and
2) Improved water quality.
Two Watreco products are at the core of this next generation fluid processing technology - the Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG) and the FlowMix.

Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG)
Vortex Process Technology allows a fluid to self organize into an ordered vortex movement. Vortex movement is fundamental in nature. It occurs in galaxies, tornados, mountain streams and human blood flow. The unique biomimetic design of Watreco's vortex generators allows the harnessing of the extreme power of a tornado in industrial applications.

The Watreco IVG has no moving parts, continuously processes fluids and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The IVG has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications from cooling towers to agriculture and fire fighting. It is designed to produce a controlled vortex that: 
- Decreases water viscosity, reducing the energy required to move it through pipes and hoses
- Increases electrical conductivity
- Increases heat transfer capacity
- Removes air bubbles and limescale

FlowMix aeration and mixing
The vortex technology inside FlowMix units is specifically designed to:
- Increase water aeration
- Produce micro and nano droplets
- Improve the mixing of liquids

For more information check out How Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) works