Meet MOSS Founder Anne-Maree McInerney (formerly Huxley)

pixelA visionary thinker,  Anne-Maree McInerney delivers strategy, mentoring, advice and training that is dynamic, informative and inspirational as she provides - insight, tools and cutting edge solutions to address some of the greatest economic, environmental and social challenges of our time.

Her deep belief in sustainability resonates through her powerful and meaningful stories of change and transformation. Whether it's a keynote speech or a tailor made workshop, she creatively shows us that sustainability is not just an aspiration - it is a practical reality that is sweeping our businesses, communities and governances systems.  She also shows how it can be applied to your business, industry or community.

Anne-Maree is a highly regarded business and community leader with a focus on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Development and the Blue and Circular Economy. She is adept at integrating ideas, people and innovation to synthesise, translate and sense-make of complexity.

Her zest for life, learning and sharing, has seen her become one of the most trusted and highly regarded sustainability thought leaders, speakers, trainers, mentors & project collaborators in the region.

After many years working to improve the reputation and profitability of a range of businesses from iconic tourist destinations, charities, radio stations, sport and arts organisations to SMEs and blue chip companies such as Samsung, Sheraton, Du Pont, Coca-Cola and Lion Nathan, Anne-Maree turned her focus to conscious capitalism, corporate responsibility and sustainable development where business, government and community take into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of doing business.

In 2005 she hosted Australia's inaugural CSR Summit. It was the first event of its kind in the Asia Pacific Region that gave individuals, business, government and community organisations insight into of a new, more efficient and effective way of operating; and a roadmap to a more sustainable future.

Anne-Maree subsequently founded and is CEO of Models of Success and Sustainability (affectionately known as MOSS) - an Australian based industry body for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability; and Co-founded the One at a Time Foundation focusing on how one person, business or community could make a difference in the world. She was also a founding Director of the Carbon Trade Exchange - the world's first end to end electronic platform for trading voluntary and regulated carbon credits; and Co-developer of the Global Principles of "How to Communicate Sustainability".

Anne-Maree is a very powerful speaker, futurist, strategist and facilitator that helps guide and inspire a more sustainable way of life. 

She has hosted numerous business delegations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and represented Australia at various international sustainability forums such as Green Growth Leaders in Copenhagen. She has also developed, facilitated and led many national programs such as Innovating for Green Growth and the International Green Awards Asia Pacific Sustainability Summits.

In the last 15 years, Anne-Maree has developed and delivered over 200 programs, spoken at some 200+ events to more than 30,000 representatives of business, government and community organisations. Her work has ultimately have touched many lives - and made a difference to thousands of individuals and added millions to the bottom line of many organisations.

"We should never underestimate the difference one person can make in the word. Nor should we underestimate how hungry people are for a new way of being and a new smarter, more profitable way of doing business - that gives purpose and adds value - by taking into account one's economic, social and environmental impacts."

Anne-Maree has an extraordinary way of enhancing lives, helping individuals and organisations set strategy to achieve their goals and aspirations.  Her passion is "The Blue Economy."

The Blue Economy as presented to the Club of Rome, represents a sustainable and competitive framework that offer investors and society economic, social and environmental benefits. Such opportunities to achieve sustainability, parity and profitability are not only inviting, but tremendously compelling as ultimately we will only survive if we are able to emulate nature. It illuminates the way unleashing creativity and entrepreneurship. It stands on the shoulders of the green economy and incorporates sustainability, radical resource productivity, whole systems design, bio-mimicry, industrial ecology, renewable energy, green chemistry and nanotechnology.pixel

The Blue Economy is set to deliver 100 million new jobs, inspired by 100 innovations in 10 years. To date it has seen over EUR4 billion in investment and the creation of an estimated 3 million jobs with innovation and technology that is as diverse as it is game changing from turning thistles - yes a waste that we spend millions trying to kill with expensive toxic chemicals - into value oils (the Sardinia Refinery has seen $600m in revenues in it's first year); coffee into a valuable substrate to grow mushrooms and prevent your shoes from becoming smelly - through to turning mining waste into stone paper - paper that needs no trees or water to make, that can be recycled for ever!

pixelAnne-Maree is an experienced public speaker, MC, facilitator, teacher, trainer and mentor. She's developed over 100 presentations and or training program and spoken at over 200 events to more than 30,000 representatives of business, government, academia and civil society in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. 

She is IRRESTIBLE and INSPIRING, whether she's talking about poo - and how that's a value sauce ... opps that should be source - of waste that needs to be harness and commercialized either as a valuable nutrient to rejuvenate our soil, or be recycled as a protein source for our fish and poultry farmers to feed our growing population through to how cigarettes

are now being recycled to make house frames and nappies turned into roofing tiles.

She's got a story for everyone from engineers to accountants that will make them all sit up and take note of the unlimited potential that's all around them - be it dirty nappies, food waste, degraded soil or weeds. The most popular these days is how plug in technology inspired by nature's vortices is enhancing the yields for our food growers, making harder ice and allowing owners of power plants and large building to eliminate chemicals from their cooling towers to keep them scale and lime free - saving hundreds of thousands of dollar a year and allowing the valuable water that cools them to be recycled.

Anne-Maree has been recognized as one of the 100 Global SustainAbility Leaders by ABC Carbon of Singapore for 3 years running; was involved in establishing the new global principles of "How to Communicate Sustainability"; has been a long term judge for numerous sustainability Award programs including the UN World Environment Day Awards; is Former President of the Australasian Sponsorship Marketing Association and the Chair of Live n Learn Foundation; was one of the first 150 people in the world to be trained by Former Vice-President Al Gore as a Climate Leader; and is a recipient of the Pride of Australia Environmental Medal for services to the Environment and was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Sponsorship Australasia for her services to the Sponsorship Industry.pixel

Her first love in life is animals and the environment driving her passion to make a difference in the world. 

She speaks regularly about leadership, innovation, job creation and regional development, Corporate Social Responsibility, climate change, sustainable cities and how to transition to a low carbon world - and aims to assist all levels of business, government and community to work collaboratively, to address the complex issues of our time, with a vision and purpose that addresses sustainable development.

When you want to inspire hope, set a new vision, create resilience, strengthen your community, turn challenges into opportunities and waste in to worth, build jobs and entrepreneurship or simply enable your life and your business to flourish, then book Anne-Maree for your next conference, special event or company pep talk!  

Anne-Maree has delivered keynote addresses for a wide range of organisations and industries from Horticulturists to Humanitarians, Lawyers, Printers, Hotel Owners and Operators to Hair Dressers and Spa Operators, to Accountants, Academics, Engineers - even Economic Development Officers.

Some of the organisations include: KPMG and the Victorian Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, CPA Australia, The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, Horticulture NZ, Tourism Australia, Townsville Enterprise, Sunbury Community Health, Brightest Young Minds, Australian Institute of Management, Management Association of the Philippines, League of Corporate Foundations (Philippines), Spa Association (Thailand), Events Industry Association, Australasian Sponsorship Marketing Association, Hume City Council, GreenFest, Salvation Army, Public Relations Institute of Australia, Green Growth Leaders (Copenhagen), World Climate Summit (Copenhagen and Cancun), Hanson, Deakin University and Australian Campuses for Sustainability to mention but a few.

To learn what others say about Anne-Maree as a speaker, facilitator and trainer  download the testimonials page.

To get to know Anne-Maree - here's a cross section of media interviews and presentations.

pixelIn this interview on Eastside 89.7FM, Ruth Hessey interviews Anne-Maree about the Blue and Circular Economy.

Get to know Anne-Maree in this video as she addresses Sustainability Drinks in Melbourne with a snap shot of her life story and how she got into sustainability - and an address to the South East Business Network with a more personal presentation called "Living the Dream". Download the slides to go with the podcast here.

Anne-Maree talks to 
NZs COUNTRY 99 TV in the lead up to Hortitude

Anne-Maree talks to NZ TV post UNFCCC COP in Copenhagen

Anne-Maree hosted Australia's Inaugural CSR Summit in 2005 with follow up forums in 2006 and 2007.  In 2006 she set the scene with this  Opening Keynote Address. Go to 6.20 for the start of her presentation.  In 2007 we captured some of the views of keynote speakers and attendees including Anne-Maree. Our video can be viewed here.

Anne-Maree engages audiences and presents facts, stats and solutions.   Here's a podcast of a workshop held in Perth on Carbon Opportunities and Liabilities.  It's typical of Anne-Maree's engaging style and scope of knowledge. 

Anne-Maree speaks at Australian Campuses towards Sustainability (ACTS) 2014 National Conference in Hobart

Anne-Maree talks to Under the Sun TV.

Anne-Maree delivers a Webinar for the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) on 
the trends for 2013 and beyond. 

For more information or to book Anne-Maree McInerney as a speaker, facilitator, strategist or trainer - call +61 3 987 99886 / 0419 798 104 or email amm@moss.org.au


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