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When relationships in business flow, sustainability follows.

Good relationships are essential to business success - and the key to good relationships and to achieving your goals is good communication - yet how society communicates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been problematic for decades. Fortunately however, thanks to a set of proven Sustainability Communication Principles many have started to move from theory to action with outstanding success.

Discover 9 Sustainability Communication Principles (co-developed by MOSS for the UNFCCC, OECD, Rio 20+, EU Commission and World Economic Forum), a new simple 4 step narrative and much more in our 2 day SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY, ENGAGEMENT and COMMUNICATIONS MasterClass April 19 and 20 @ Energy Queensland in BRISBANE. 

Alternatively join our ONLINE PROGRAM starting May 1st.  It's 8 x 90 minute webinars running weekly every Tuesday from 4pm - 5.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. And if you miss joining us live on the odd occasion - don't worry, every webinar is recorded, so you can catch up in your own time if needs be. 

You will learn new skills that increase your:  

✅ Ability to get heard
✅ Ability to get support
✅ Capability to create ongoing sustainable success
✅ Communications skills
✅ Sustainability results
✅ Business success 

The Real Sustainability Challenge.
Anyone tasked with communicating or actioning business sustainability is starting from behind - and often way behind. Even in the best-intentioned organisation, you're facing:

1. Decades of negative helplessness creating media headlines targeting government action.
2. Centuries-old, deeply seated business beliefs about "the environment" as expensive and onerous compliance.

In this environment, where do you start? How do you show up with a positive, engaging message?

Learn from global leaders and collaborate with your peers to turn the latest global knowhow on sustainability communication into strategies and practices tailored to your business - and your career success.   

✅ You'll be delighted by the powerful tools and practices available to help you engage with and influence a wide range of stakeholders.
✅ You'll be inspired by the wealth of good news in our case studies and innovations.
✅ You'll be empowered and enabled by the skills you'll learn and practice that will help you get more exciting, rewarding results with less grinding effort.

Register by MARCH 23 and receive a 10% EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT.

For full program details, testimonials, pricing and speaker bios   DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE HERE - then do yourself, your business, community and career a favour BOOK YOUR TICKET TODAY as seats are strictly limited to 12 only participants for this MasterClass, to maximise learning outcomes.

If you like what you see - please help us fast track the uptake of sustainability by sharing details of our MasterClass as this is key information for those working in or with a responsibility for CSR, ESG and or Sustainable Development.





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