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Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) is an Australian based industry body for individuals, corporations, governments and not-for-profit organisations interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. It fosters responsible business practices across the Asia Pacific region through education, training, networking, tools and advice - driving sustainability and competitive business success.

Our goal is to help oganisations embrace sustainability as a core component of their corporate strategy - opening the flood gates to new exciting sources of creativity and innovation that can lead to corporate social opportunities in the form of innovation in products and services, access to new markets, new business models (how products are conceived, developed, marketed, distributed, financed, staffed etc) which can be commercially very attractive. We can assist you with literally any aspect of sustainability from stakeholder engagement, community investment, resource efficiency measurement and reporting, helping to build green teams through to ensuring you are compliant in your CSR, Carbon and or EE Reporting. And for those who are more DIY - our resource library is extensive with reports, tools, templates, videos, podcasts and research papers covering virtually every subject.

What ever your role - if you have an interest in, or responsbility for any aspect of CSR or sustainability - we are here to help you make the best sustainability decisions for your business. Learn more...


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For convenience and ease of navigation we've listed topics under the 4 key impact areas of Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment. 

All up there's over 30 subheadings ranging from Risk Management and Corporate Citizenship to the Business Case for Sustainability, Sustainability Trends even an indepth look at Eco-efficiency, Innovation and Technology.

Albert Einstein once said "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them", so join us to learn a new way - a way that will improve your economic, social and environmental performance and help us to build healthy vibrant sustainable businesses and communities for our children and future generations.


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MOSS supports the Blue Economy

When most people think about sustainability they think green - but green can still have it's negative implications as it's not always underpinned by holistic thinking. The UNEP for example describes the green economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.  

Practically speaking, a green economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. These investments need to be catalyzed and supported by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms and regulation changes. This development path should maintain, enhance and, where necessary, rebuild natural capital as a critical economic asset and source of public benefits, especially for poor people whose livelihoods and security depend strongly on nature.

To sustain our world, key transformations will be needed in the areas of energy, transport, urban infrastructure, food and water - and because of the overlap of agendas, we will need systems solutions mobilizing financial and human capital.

We support  the UN Green Economy Initiative which engages governments, institutions and individuals to promote this 'green' shift in economic thinking, investment and resource management - however we don't think the Green Economy goes far enough - which is why we also support the Blue Economy - a new more holistic system inspired by nature to lead future prosperity and job creation with zero waste solutions addressing social and environmental challenges.  

"The Blue Economy is a progressive metamorphosis from the Green Economy. Based on the notion of thinking ahead so as to create more good, instead of less bad, it uses strategic, opportunity-driven rationale to connect the environmental, social and financial puzzle. It is a business response to a changing economic landscape in which resource depletion and social costs are unsustainable."  BE Sustainable


Political leaders on all levels - city, state, national, regional - are starting to embrace both blue and green growth strategies. 

Discover how you too can help improve your economic, social and environmental performance by embedding sustainability into corporate strategy.  It's time to make AusPac companies more robust, profitable and competitive so join MOSS today to learn how!


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Education, Training, Tools, Resources and Recycling

MOSS provides an array of tools, workshops, audits, mentoring and consulting services to support C Suite Managers, Boards and consultants. Our latest events include   How to Communicate Sustainability Workshops and the High Performance Facilities Executive Forum and seeing the rules of the game have changed for both facilities and communication - you will find both provide great support to achieve your economic, social and environmental goals.


We've spent a lot time searching for the worlds best tools as well as collaborating with industry experts to develop tools that will help transition organisations to a low carbon economy and produce more robust and profitable businesses. Tools that will help organisations measure and reduce your water, waste, resources and energy use. Tools that helps local governments and developers in the early stage of planning and design of precincts, buildings and associated infrastructure. Tools that help educate schools and local communities on sustainability and tackle the challenge of climate change. Tools that will help mainstream and embed sustainability and assist reporting. Even tertiary qualified mentoring programs to help disadvantaged youth and nationally accreditated Stakeholder Engagement programs. To learn more - call us today on 03 987 99886.

Did you know there are over 23 million old and unused mobile phones stashed away in cupboards and drawers at home and work?  If these phones were recycled the estimated greenhouse gas savings would be equivelent to planting 119,000 trees or taking 5,500 cars off the road.  The materials recovered could make 5 million alumunium cans, 133,000 plastic fence posts and 40,000 gold wedding rings.  If your organisation is looking for a simple way to help the environment, how about you join the MobileMuster and recycle your old phones!

Join a discussion, workshop or webinar and explore thought leadership and specialist views on a raft of topics. Whether you want to understand how to Comunicate Sustainability or Build Resilience into your Business, MOSS can assist you.  Check out our events program here or talk to MOSS about designing a program specifically for your needs. Note MOSS is currently in hibernation for the beginning of winter planning a new range of resourses and courses to support individual and company growth, so don't dispair that there's not a large range of events currently posted.  All will be revealed soon!

There's a plethorea of free resources available on our CSR and Sustainability Links page. Find out what others are doing in the world of CSR, ESG and Sustainable Development and much much more...or join and gain full access to our Member Resource Centre with hundreds of reports and programs to aid your business case, policies or program development to address areas of interest such as diversity, supply chain management, sustainable marketing and greenwashing, ethics, human rights management and much much more. 

If you still want more...We are not big on reinventing the wheel, so rather than have our own book store or book review check out the latest array of book on CSR and Sustainability from CSR Wire covering a wide range of topics including books on sustainable investing, guidebooks on running a sustainable and ethical business, MBA guides and much more. 

"The challenges we face with climate change are not challenges at all, but incredible opportunities. In fact, I believe it to be the greatest wealth creating opportunity of our generation as we move to a post-carbon economy." Jose-Maria Figueres, Businessman, Former President Costa Rica, and Chairman Carbon War Room. 


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"If you want to build a business to last, you must take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Talented employees demand it, informed customers expect it, and longterm investors will require it. Embedded in the business, CSR can be a source of creativity and innovation, leading to new products and services, access to new or under-serviced markets, or even new business models."

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Industry News
JFK articulated the plight of our farmers really well "The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways." Hope our policy makers wake up before it's to late. It's time to take a different approach to ensure our food security. Read on...

Will you join Australians for Climate Action in calling on our government to do better on climate and renewables? Heres how to make your voice heard...

The UN World Environment Day Awards are now open. Entries close Thursday, 17 April with winners announced Friday, 13 June at a gala ceremony in Sydney. These national awards recognise those from all Australian sectors who display innovation and dedication in their work to protect, manage or restore the environment. In recent years, the World Environment Day Awards have showcased some of the most important and exciting environmental projects in Australia. More...

"Business leaders are failing to properly reward responsible behaviour. Changing this would send a powerful message that being a responsible business goes further than CSR reports and values statements." Stephen Howard: CEO, Business in the Community

Calls for business to incentivise responsible behaviour. A new survey shows that individual employee objectives often do not align with the organisation's corporate responsibility goals leading to behaviour which goes against those business values. MOSS supported BITC recommendation for business to take practical steps to integrate responsibility into the DNA of their organisations.

Trust in business and business leaders in particular is falling. Business leaders must address this trust issue, by demonstrating and articulating, compelling evidence to their employees and the public that how they make their profits is as important as the profits they make. Therefore, it's no wonder 9 out of 10 European chief executives believe business has a greater social purpose than returning profit, and that 70% of business leaders think too much attention is given to short-term goals. [unrecognized tag: {lnik http://www.bitc.org.uk/our-resources/report/bitc-leadership-task-force-interim-report-responsible-business-leadership More...}]

Energy and water, two of our most important global resources, are inextricably linked. And yet when it comes to planning, the regulatory agencies in charge of managing these precious resources are often separate and uncoordinated in their decision-making. The world bank has launched a new initiative to address this by providing "assessment tools and management frameworks" to help governments "coordinate decision-making" when planning for future energy and water infrastructure. More...

6 ways to move beyond zero-waste. Moving beyond zero waste requires a wholesale rethinking on what waste is and how it should be addressed. To help with the transition, Bill McDonough provides 6 thought provoking opportunites.

10 ideas to retool the design and construction industry. The European Union's research shows that the design and construction industry should focus primarily on internal CSR issues because the industry lags others in getting its own houses in order. Heres what they suggest...

For an insight into the latest trends check out the 5 top CSR Trends for 2014 and The Top 10 Trends of 2013.

A new global study by MIT Sloan Management Review suggest 90 percent of executives think sustainability is essential, but only about half are addressing the most material sustainability issues they face.  More...

Interface are a living example of Creating Shared Value. Lessons in resilience from superstorm Haiyan

70% of the population are confused by the messages companies use to talk about their CSR initiatives. Consumers demand transparency as the return on their emotional and economic investment in a brand so companies must learn how tell a compelling and authentic sustainability story. Discover how to break through the communication barriers by attending one of our How to Communicate Sustainability Workshops.

BSR/GlobeScan State of Sustainable Business Survey 2013. Discover insights on the world of sustainable business and track the successes and challenges faced by corporate responsibility professionals highlighted by the fact CSR and Sustainability functions are still not mastering their communication skills.

How to follow the paths of sustainability trailblazers. Weinreb releases Pioneers of Sustainability: Lessons from the Trailblazers. Discover insights, early stories, and advice from Paul Hawken,
Ray Anderson, Michael Porter, 
Paul Polman,
 Peter Senge and Lee Scott More...

Harvard uses ancient chinese philosophy to teach ethics and change lives. Forget what your good at, discover where your passion lies and lead from the heart. More... 

How science is telling us all to revolt. Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? Climate scientists have seen the data - and they are coming to some incendiary conclusions.  Read this extraordinary thought provoking piece by Naomi Klein...

Consumers redefine consumption. A new global consumer study confirms the rise of nearly 2.5 billion consumers globally who are uniting style, social status and sustainability values to redefine consumption. More...

Order Within Chaos: A New Business Paradigm Inspired by Nature. The economic, social and environmental volatility now facing business means organizations have to operate in a dynamically transforming landscape. Organizations inspired by nature are resilient, optimizing, adaptive, systems-based, values-based, and life-supporting. Discover the fundamentals that drive it...

2013 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report shows in a global economy where policy solutions in support of these markets are slow to be implemented, many private companies are voluntarily internalizing the price of carbon in their business activities. 90% of offset volumes were contracted by the private sector - where corporate social responsibility and industry leadership were primary motivations for offset purchases. In general, voluntary demand for carbon offsetting grew 6% in 2012 More...

Under new British Government rules, local planning authorities are required to make sure new developments are energy efficient, and all new homes will be required to be zero carbon from 2016. The government is considering extending this to include all other buildings from 2019. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our local governments and property developers took at leaf out of their book!

The 3% Solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reduction. Many of the world's leading companies have made major strides in addressing climate change over the last decade. By establishing climate targets, they pushed themselves to look harder at energy waste and found money lying on their factory floors. These success stories have been celebrated, but far more needs to be done to avoid the dangerous and irreversible risks to society and businesses from climate change as global temperatures continue to rise. A billiant new report from WWF and CDP helps U.S. businesses chart a new path forward. This path is tremendously profitable, practical and helps curb climate change and equally relevant for Australian business. 

Six Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability. One key findings of this Ernst and Young report is how the sustainability focus in a growing number of companies is moving from eco-efficiency efforts to a discussion concerning risk reduction and mitigation. As with other sustainability and CSR issues, language is critical and sustainability executives need to learn how to translate the issues they are tracking into the language of enterprise risk management.

Resource productivity could meet up to 30% of the global demand for natural resources by 2030 if we have a resource revolution. Without it, we all face the prospect of damage to global growth, welfare, and the environment. Just 15 areas, from more energy-efficient buildings to improved irrigation, could deliver 75 percent of the potential for higher resource productivity. Learn more...


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